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Monday, 12 April 2010

UKIP: Paul Nuttall and the collapse of UKIP North West

It was no surprise to hear that UKIP has failed to field ANY candidates in Liverpool’s local elections. See: LINK

UKIP Liverpool - Nuttall’s hometown - is dead. For more on UKIP Liverpool: LINK

But this is hardly surprising.

UKIP’s membership has been falling at such a rate that the party was forced to list phantom branches on the official website. Such is their desperation to give people the impression that UKIP NW is thriving! See: LINK

It is refreshing to note that more and more UKIPPERS in the region are becoming thoroughly disillusioned with the man responsible for this decline - the odious Paul Nuttall.

Nuttall promised them miracles after the Euros. He claimed that people were flocking to join the party. He claimed that new branches were opening all the time. He claimed that UKIP would become a major force in the North West.

So what happened? Branches have collapsed and members have resigned. Five UKIP PPCs even left UKIP to form their own party! See: LINK

With less than a month before the General Election and what do we find? Paper candidates, disunity and dissatisfaction.

Here is a list of some of UKIP’s non-active branches in the North West. None of them have ANY branch officials. Still think that Nuttall is doing a good job?

UKIP Bolton
UKIP Hazel Grove
UKIP Leigh
UKIP North Manchester
UKIP Trafford
UKIP Barrow in Furness
UKIP Carlisle & Penrith
UKIP Maryport
UKIP Millom
UKIP Ulverston
UKIP Westmorland & Furness
UKIP Blackpool South
UKIP Garstang
UKIP Morcambe
UKIP Skelmersdale
UKIP South Ribble
UKIP St Helens

UKIP North West now exists to serve one purpose - to get Paul Nuttall re-elected to the EU Gravy Train.

The Regional Organiser/ Nuttall sycophant for the North West is:

Dr Fred McGlade
Tel: 01524 387690 Fax: 01524 382593
Write to:
Room 301
Riverway House
Morecambe Rd

Why not contact him with your concerns?

For more on the collapse of UKIP North West: LINK


AnonBrit said...

UKIP St Helens has many members and activists as it happens, one of whom is on the NEC.

We also have a chairman and a treasurer. If you want to be taken seriously go stand for election instead of spreading gossip and rumours around the internet.

Junius said...

So why is the following information published on the UKIP NW website?


Below is a list of appointed representatives for areas in Merseyside, where branches have not yet officially formed.

UKIP St Helens

We suggest that you contact the odious Nuttall and get it changed. We know that he is only intersted in being an MEP but he should really do more to give the impression that he cares about the branches in his region.

We are happy to hear that UKIP St Helens is now up and running.

Shame about all the branches listed in our article!