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Saturday, 24 April 2010

UKIP: The surreal world of John Humberstone

We were interested to hear that John Humberstone - UKIP PPC for Wrexham - has been handing out leaflets calling for a halt on immigration to Britain.

We were rather amused to be told that the leaflets in question were being distributed by several non-English speaking gentlemen from Sri Lanka!

The irony of this was apparently lost on Mr Humberstone, John Bufton and their Sri Lankan colleagues.

Some UKIP PPCs have been using a leaflet featuring a photo of a Native American to highlight the consequences of uncontrolled immigration.

A few wags in UKIP have suggested that the ‘Native American’ is actually a 1970's publicity photo of David Bannerman and dates from his time in The Village People.


Here is an example:

Native American or is it David Bannerman?


Greg L-W. said...


This poster is more worrying than many might think.

Clearly the message is: 'His people ignored immigration and they lost their land and now live on a bit given back to them as a reservation'.

It could just as easily be stating because his people failed to adapt, modernise and develope but confronted and fought immigration they were decimated and defeated and eventually displaced.

The worrying thing is that this poster is based on a poster put out some years ago by UKIP's racist, xenophobic, sexually intollerant bigot partners The Lega Nord who Nigel Farage manages and represents as President of a rather nasty claque of extreme right politicians in the Pan EU Political Party EFD grouping that subsumes UKIP on the EU.

What other practices and concepts will the EFD bring into Britain that are otterly repellant - already UKIP knows how to cheat, defraud, lie, embezel, money launder, bully and abuse in their own right but now they are the EFD will they move to pro EU advocacy, they did do a great deal to smooth the passage of the Lisbon Treaty into law as with the EFD in Italy!

Will UKIP/EFD be hunting homosexuals in Britain, advocating apartheid on transport, fire bombing immigrants and be anti Jewish nazi sympathisers in Britain?

The dishonest and corrupt Mark Croucher is Media Manager for UKIP, The Lega Nord and the other elements of EFD whilst Farage is its leader!

UKIP may suit the corrupt but surely the aim was to expose the corruption in the EU not revel in it and import it to Britain!

Greg L-W.

sam aarya said...

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sam aarya said...

lol and humberstone with his algerian muslim Boyfriend