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Thursday, 8 April 2010

And yet even more bad publicity for UKIP

No wonder UKIP's GE campaign director is weeping!

More on Nigel’s favourite film maker:

From The Sun

UKIP ban for S&M film boss

A TOP UKIP politician has been suspended after starring in films showing bound women being tortured and humiliated.

Rob Ager, 35, also directs the sado-masochistic movies which he peddles on the internet.

In some he wears monster masks while whipping gagged women.

Party chiefs have now removed him from his post as chairman of their Liverpool branch.

Ager calls himself an educational psychologist and claims he helps "people develop creative and perceptual abilities".

He said: "I put a lot of intelligent material into the scripts. It's pretty tame."


And here is an email/letter sent out to UKIPPERS in Swindon.

Just a month before the election and the whole branch is tearing itself to pieces!

Bob-Feal Martinez is behind all the nonsense. He always upsets people. But we can’t blame certain members for wanting to get rid of him. He is rather a fool. See: LINK & LINK

Dear All,

It is with deep regret that following the disruptive actions of both Steve Halden and Robin Tingey, neither of whom now speak for the branch, we have been regrettably forced to cancel the meeting at the South Marsdon Hotel on 12th April and there will no longer be a formal branch launch of either the local nor General Election campaign in Swindon. Any such launch is not sanctioned by Swindon UKIP.

Regrettably, since some still have not got the message, I need to repeat that our ELECTED head of Media Relations in Swindon Branch is Robert Feal Martinez and he will remain such until either he chooses to resign that post or is voted off at the next AGM.

Junius says: Please enjoy this self-portrait by Bob

Again, I apologise for the cancellation of the meeting which has been brought about by very disruptive elements within the branch.

Yours faithfully,
Greg Heathcliffe,
Chairman Swindon UKIP.

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