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Friday, 16 April 2010

UKIP PPC claims McCann's murdered their own daughter

Helene Davies-Green - UKIP PPC for Cambridge South - is at the centre of yet another UKIP scandal.

She took part in a campaign blaming Madeleine McCann's disappearance on her parents.

Ms Davies-Green delivered leaflets entitled "Ten Reasons Why Madeleine Was Not Abducted" to the McCann's neighbours.

The leaflet was produced by the anti-McCann Madeleine Foundation, of which she is a committee member.

Ms Davies-Green's husband Grenville is the group's chairman.

The leaflet blames the McCann's for the murder of their daughter.

A UKIP spokesman said last night: "Whilst having every sympathy with the McCanns and their predicament, UKIP believes in the freedom of speech."

To see more on this: LINK

Where does UKIP find these idiots? Or is being an idiot now a required element if you want to represent UKIP?

But perhaps we should not be too harsh on UKIP's corrupt leadership. With UKIP's membership in free fall she was probably the only person they could find to stand in the constituency.

It is interesting to note that UKIP claims to believe in freedom of speech. Are they are having a laugh?

So according to UKIP freedom of speech now extends to harassing the parents of a vanished child? No wonder the UKIP spokesman was too gutless to put their name to such rubbish!

Actually, freedom of speech died in UKIP long ago. You are expected to keep your mouth shut and do as you are told. The leader is always right!

Here are just a few examples:

David Abbott and Eric Edmond were thrown off the NEC after trying to raise concerns about widespread corruption within UKIP.

John West was kicked out of the party after complaining about UKIP’s corrupt MEP selection process.

Roy Hopwood was threatened with expulsion after he complained to Fred McGlade - UKIP NW Regional Organiser - when the odious Paul Nuttall tried to force Hopwood's branch to adopt one of his sycophants as a PPC.

Nikki Sinclaire was banned from standing as a UKIP candidate and denied the right to call herself a UKIP MEP after refusing to sit with fascists in Farage's EFD group.

Hardly the actions of a party committed to freedom of speech!


Anonymous said...

You might like to note the correct title of the leaflet distributed by the Madeleine Foundation -

What really happened to Madeleine McCann?
10 key reasons which suggest
that she was not abducted

Note the use of the word SUGGEST.

Not sure if you have meet Helene, but i have on several occasions. Helene is a wonderful warmhearted person. Just because she doubts the McCanns et als version of events and dares to challenge what she deems injustice does not make her otherwise.

Junius said...

Harassing the parents of a vanished child is not what we would call the actions of a 'wonderful and warmheated person'.

UKIP said...


Anonymous said...

If you want to talk about harassment then lets think about all the little blond 4 year old somethings, people and families that have had their images splashed across the locals,nationals and transnationals - all due to shoddy investigative journalism.

Let's talk about all the innocent folk the McCanns pretendy cops have staked out and pointed the finger of blame at.

Let's talk about all the phoney leaks Clarence Mitchell has plugged into the press about innocent folk.

Let's talk about Jane Tanner and her harassment of Robert Murat.

On the face of it i would hardly call distributing a few hundred leaflets, of which the contents you wholly believe to be true, harassment. Especially so, as this belief stemmed from spending hundreds of hours researching the case, people involved and the PJ files.

Harassment - i don't think so. Smacks of dedication and conviction, something most MP's lack.

Anonymous said...

I do not suppose this post of mine will appear here,just as i do not suppose my earlier reply well either. Nonetheless, i will give it a go.

Would you consider it to be 'wonderful and warm-hearted' to leave 8 children under the age of 4 all alone in darkened rooms in a strange country whilst you went out for a meal and a drink?
You will find that nobody is claiming that Madeleine was 'murdered' anywhere on the internet, and I suggest you remove this shocking headline because I am prepared to report you for abuse, defamation and libel, and have your site closed down.

Find yourself another grabber of a headline without resorting to using the name of Madeleine McCann.

A young woman called Hollie Greig could use some publicity right now if you need to grab publicity for yourself.

Oh and before i go, have you stopped to consider the fact that both the UK police and Portuguese police did not believe any of the Tapas 9 Tales either?

Greg L-W. said...


it comes as no surprise to me that Marxism has so clearly run into such troubles as an idealogy - just look at the muddled maunderings of 'Hardlinemarxist'

Firstly compleletly ignoring his intellectual disconnect.

I wonder if he knows ANYTHING about Hollie Greig or only what he has read on my blog:
he is probably just another sicko using her case as a vehicle to lend credibility to a bunch of conspiracy theorists. The facts are quite enough not to need association with fantasists.

As for The McCann case there is absolutely no doubt that the parents are responsible for the demise or disapearance of Madeleine McCann - Their irresponsible behaviour as parents is irrefutable and the result of their reckless endangerment of their children should in my opinion have led to charges and the opportunity to convict them in Court of the crime or clear their name in some way completely unimaginable to me.

I do not consider that delivering leaflets is a responsible action in either case and would rather hold the high ground than belittle my case by the involvement of those I consider irresponsible self publicists.

At the moment the Hollie Greig case has clearly been damaged by the idiocy of some of the publicity and I await the final stage which will no doubt be 'Sheriff Buchanan ate my budgie'!

Then like investigation of 'Common Purpose' we can pit the matter back on the tracks and work towards an inescapable outcome for the miscreants - as with The Moral Majority before them!

Hysterical conspiracy theories and unfounded accusations - however true - undermine the eventual outcome.

Associating ANY cause with outright nutters tends to undermine it!

Greg L-W.

Anonymous said...

To the author:

'So according to UKIP freedom of speech now extends to harassing the parents of a vanished child?'

You are aware that people even 3yr old children don't vanish, aren't you?

Anonymous said...

Greg LW

You make a hell of a lot of unfounded and inaccurate assumptions in your post pal.

Still, if it makes you feel a little superior and worthy for a few moments, be my guest