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Thursday, 15 April 2010

UKIP: More bad publicity for UKIP

UKIP PPC tells Pearson to get stuffed

Lord Pearson’s policy of not standing against Tory Euro-sceptics was in tatters after Jack Baynes - the UKIP candidate for Wells - refused to stand down and campaign for Tory David Heathcoat-Amory.

Mr Baynes - pictured above - said standing down would be "a betrayal".

Heathcoat-Amory did not seem that bothered:

"It sounds as if UKIP are in their usual shape of muddle and confusion. I don't think it will make a great deal of difference to me".

It that any way to talk about the party that offered to stand down in favour of you? What ingratitude!

Perhaps Farage and Pearson will now realise that doing shady deals with Tory MPs will get you nowhere. The Tories won't thank you for it and your own candidates will just get P****d off!


John West helps David Bannerman get some bad publicity

The scandal involving Agnew, Reeve, Bannerman, Farage and Pearson continues to get publicity.

The Suffolk Free Press - which covers the constituency where Bannerman is standing as a PPC - has also run with the story first featured in The Sunday Times. See: LINK

John West - a former UKIPPER - was quoted in the paper as saying:

“UKIP is campaigning on the anti-sleaze ticket and that is quite ludicrous when you learn its MEPs are employing someone illegally”.

Hardly the sort of publicity Bannerman will welcome just a few weeks before the General Election!

Also see: LINK

UKIP candidate apologizes for ‘Sod the Lot’ poster

Mike Smith - UKIP PPC for Gloucester - has apologised to voters after refusing to endorse UKIP’s ‘Sod the Lot’ poster:

"Having just seen the latest poster unveiled by the UK Independence Party today, I wish to totally disassociate myself from it.

I regard the language used as completely inappropriate and offensive.

Moreover, I wish to apologise, in advance, to the citizens of Gloucester in case it should appear on our streets.

This poster does not represent the many hard- working members of the UK Independence Party who have many positive messages to shout from the rooftops."

We can confirm that other UKIP candidates are less than happy with the poster. "Offensive" was how one Kent UKIP PPC described it to us.

Yet another own goal for UKIP’s corrupt leadership.

End of quote.


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