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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

UKIP: Stuart Agnew goes native

The rather odd phenomenon that is called Stuart Agnew seems to have "gone native". He has suggested that the European Commission has "obligations" towards Romanian orphans.

He asked:

"What steps is the Commission taking to address the serious problems recently exposed by the BBC's recent investigation into the conditions in Romanian orphanages and mental institutions? Does the Commission agree, in view of the fact that Romania has received some EUR 100 million in aid from the EU since 1990 (BBC), that it has a moral obligation to take the matter up with the Romanian Government and press for urgent action?"

Surely it is UKIP's policy that such matters are the responsibility of national governments?

And how is interfering in Romania's internal affairs going to get Britain out of the EU?

UKIP gets more Pan-European with every new day!

Stuart Agnew has been reported to ELCOM after he was caught on video telling an undercover Sunday Times reporter how she could make an illegal donation to UKIP.

He has also been reported to OLAF for illegally using his MEP staffing allowance to pay Peter Reeve, a UKIP Regional organiser.



Ted said...


Greg L-W. said...


I watched this video and as you will recall Daniel Baldwin was an early withdrawal from the UKIP leadership race, along with people like Peter Lucas.

It is sad to see such fundamentally decent people so clearly betrayed by the dishonesty and corruption of people like Stuart Agnew, David Bannerman, Nigel Farage, Lord Pearson, Mark Croucher, Christopher Gill, Douglas Denny, Marta Andreasen, Peter Reeve, Tom Wise etc.

Honourable and decent members betrayed by a claque of dishonourable, self serving, untrustworthy rogues and nere do wells working in collusion with racists, anti Jewish, Nazi sypathisers who are openly pro EU.

Greg L-W.