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Thursday, 22 April 2010

UKIP pick a w**ker to stand against Nikki Sinclaire

It is not only individual candidates who are going against Lord Pearson's deal with his Tory chums not to stand against "eurosceptics", it is the party itself.

UKIP has announced the candidature of one Barry Allcock in the West Midlands constituency of Meriden, where he will run against Nikki Sinclaire, who is actually a UKIP member.

So let's be a little more honest about it, shall we? The truth is that UKIP will not be standing against chums of Farage or Pearson, that is the reality behind this muddled policy.

It was also Pearson who told us that a Conservative government would be a "disaster" for Britain, and who then urges UKIP candidates and voters to help return Tory MPs! Is he mad? Is any of this thought through, or is it all made up after a few pints in the East India Club?

As for Barry Allcock, it may not be a crime, mate, but judging by the photo it does appear to make you go blind!


Generalissimo Election said...

You should see the wa**er they have standing in Buckingham!!

John Page said...

Seems he's aptly named.