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Saturday, 3 April 2010

UKIP reject electoral pact

Ever heard of the Alliance for Democracy?

The Alliance for Democracy consists of the Jury Team, Christian Party, Veritas and English Democrats.

Its priorities are expanding the use of referenda, promoting non-career politicians, and cleaning up government. They also agree not to split the vote by fielding candidates in the same constituencies. One Alliance candidate will represent all.

The Alliance was officially launched on 10 February 2010.

UKIP was offered the chance to join the group.

Pearson was quite keen on the idea. Farage was not. He made sure that the NEC rejected it.

The Alliance for Democracy should have contacted the Junius Team. We could have saved them a lot of time and wasted energy.

Don’t bother to go to Preason with any offer. He is UKIP leader in name only. Farage still calls all the shots. And the NEC is just his rubber stamp.

The Alliance had NO chance of getting Farage to do a deal. He only wants to do a deal with the Tories because he thinks that he can get something in return - a safe ticket to Westminster!

Don’t forget that Farage and Pearson offered to disband UKIP in exchange for a Tory pledge on a referendum. And don’t forget that Farage has always opposed the idea of UKIP standing against Tory Euro-sceptics. See: LINK

That these so-called Euro-sceptics are faithful members of a party committed to EU membership is something that our Nigel would rather not discuss.

And Farage also forgets that the offer to ‘stand down’ or ‘disband’ the Party at the next general election was made without authority and was contrary to Clause 3.1 of the Constitution.

But when did Farage ever care about the rules?

Farage still hankers after a safe seat in the House of Commons. He also wants to end his political career sitting in the House of Lords! He still thinks that doing sordid little deals with the Tories will ultimately get him there. What a twit!

Farage does not care about UKIP or Great Britain. He only cares about himself and the size of his offshore bank accounts.

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