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Friday, 30 April 2010

UKIP: Interesting campaign video

Rude but rather funny!


Anonymous said...

MASTURBATING IS NOT A CRIME written on a T shirt is perhaps NOT the best way to attract and engage with the electorate.

But then it sounds like he doesn't need to engage with the electorate.

He's managing quite well by himself!


And when he does, it will be all over the UKIP office table and staff will be crying out "what's that on the desk ... who's been using the glue?"


Silly sausage! He needs to get a grip ...no, not of that!

But sobriety and maturity and plain common sense.

Doesn't UKIP have Mentors for silly folk like this?

Anonymous said...

Mr Allcock should bear in mind that as far as the Police are concerned a UKIP candidate wearing a T shirt with the words MASTURBATING IS NOT A CRIME written on it will not be taken by them as a joke.

Rather it would be of some concern to them, especially if Mr Allcock is choosing to indulge in this behaviour in a public place, ESPECIALLY where children are in the vicinity.

I suspect Mr Allcock is already on their radar list. A citizen who MIGHT be a cause for concern.

You cannot make such statements without it causing people to worry, especially in this climate where many male sexual predators are arrested for doing the said behaviour in public.

The fact that Mr Allcock does not fully recognise how offensive many people will find THAT T shirt, especially as a political candidate who wants to represent them, shows how out of touch he is with the electorate.

Masturbating, if it is done in public IS considered by the Police to be serious anti-social behaviour.

Does Mr Allcock not realise this?

Is he so politcally naive?.

He is not only an embarressment to himself, but to UKIP.

His silly, childish is bringing the party he represents into disrepute and quite honestly if I was Lord Pearson I would withdraw his candidacy immediately.

Anonymous said...

Mr Allock is ...Clearly all that his name suggests; ALL COCK!

That's what happens to a man when he stops using his brain!