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Monday, 20 July 2009

UKIP: Anti-Nazi League supporters campaign against UKIP's Norwich North PPC

As I predicted supporters of the Anti-Nazi League - also known as Anal - have been campaigning against UKIP in Norwich North.

At the weekend a number of ‘Anal’ supporters spotted a group of UKIPPERS and started chanting “UKIP scum off our streets”.

The UKIP activists quickly retreated to the safety of their car and left the area.

Anal supporters have vowed to target future UKIP meetings and have also threatened to disrupt UKIP’s national conference later this year.

I wonder what the odious Mark Croucher - left-wing extremist and supporter of Searchlight magazine - makes of all this?

As a self-proclaimed ‘Anti-Fascist’ can we now expect him to pass on details of future UKIP activities in order to please his communist friends in Anal and Searchlight? Or is his ‘Anti-Fascist’ crusade solely directed at the BNP on the orders of Nigel Farage who is terrified that the BNP will eventually derail the UKIP Gravy Train and deprive him of a cushy life in Brussels at the expense of the British taxpayer?

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