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Friday, 3 July 2009

UKIP and the Northern League

There was an interesting exchange on the British Democracy Forum today.

John West was commenting on UKIP forming a new group with the Northern League.

He said:

Funny how many UKIP members on here don't want to talk about Farage and UKIP joining forces with the Northern League. Finding it hard to defend?

Richard Allen - a founder member of the BDF’s serial idiots club - replied:

Actually I didn't say that I supported UKIP joining forces with the Northern League, merely that we could find far worse people to sit with. Out here in the real world most people realise that most situations are more complicated that right or wrong.For the record I neither oppose nor support our association with the Northern League.

I couldn't give a damn who we sit with in the absurd talking shop. It is irrelevant to our cause.

Barboo - one of the more intelligent users of the BDF - proceeded to make Allen look extremely foolish:

It wasn't irrelevant to UKIP MEPs in 2006 when their Chief of Staff, David Lott, reported from Strasbourg that the Ind/Dem faced a crisis because the Lega Nord was becoming increasingly extreme on the subject of race, and persistently put links to extremist organisations on its website.

And it wasn't irrelevant to UKIP MEPs when on 14 March all ten of them voted to expel the Lega Nord from the group.

And it wasn't irrelevant to Nigel Farage when in refuting David Cameron's closet racist accusation he cited UKIP's expulsion of the Lega Nord, telling the Guardian on April 5: "We thought the Italian Northern League were OK. But they have become Islamaphobic to an extent we find unsettling".

So why is it no longer unsettling? And if kicking out the Lega Nord was proof that UKIP is not a party of closet racists, is letting them back in again equal proof that it is?

Allen lamely replied:

It might be relevant to our MEP's. It is irrelevant to our cause.

Give it up Allen. With every comment you put on the BDF you just make yourself look a bigger fool. You can't defend UKIP joining forces with the NL so don't even try!

See GLW’s comments on this subject: LINK

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