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Thursday, 16 July 2009

UKIP: Who has been a naughty boy then?

A UKIP MEP - one of the new intake - was spotted at 3 am this morning leaving a notorious gay club in Strasbourg

He was seen by the researcher of a Tory MEP leaving the club in the company of a black man. What Mr X was doing in a gay club at that time of the morning should perhaps be left to the imagination!

There has been constant speculation in UKIPPER circles about this MEP’s sexuality ever since he first joined UKIP. He has always denied being a homosexual and has repeatedly said that he is "still looking for the right woman".

I hate to disappoint him but I don’t think he will find her in that particular club!


The Pub Consultancy Service said...

Why not post the name or could it just be it's not true and you would get taken to the cleaners.

You are a seriously evil, pathetic coward. And it would seem a homophobe like your mate on another blog.

Would you have posted similar if this an MEP had been seen coming from a straight bar. Of course not.

Greg_L-W. said...


It is a proven fact that Feel Martinis is a liar - happy to lie for personal gain, such that he was suspended from EUkip's main conversation point the corrupt and underhand Anthony Butcher's forum.

I concede I was removed to appease EUkip who in the run up to an election did not wish to have facts and the truth made known.

The proven liar Feel Martinis endlessly makes innuendo yet he is unable to establish a single solitary instance of substance where the information on my many blogs is other than fact and founded on truth.

The silly little liar even tries to imply that I am anto homosexuality, when nothing is further from the truth and his claim is just a another of his bare faced lies without substantiation.

Even in the instance of this MEPs perversion perhaps Feel Martinis rather than take the cowards route could explain why he believes David Bannerman would take exception to his personal perversion being made known rather than be seen as nothing more than a hypocrite to add to the fact that he is known to be a liar on other matters and a duplicitous cheat.

Why would Feel Martinis imply that Junius might be 'taken to the cleaners' - there is no doubt nor defence of the fact that both Feel Martinis AND David Bannerman are dishonest, corrupt and liars - that David Bannerman is or is not homosexual is a matter of utter indifference to me.

Perhaps Feel Martinis is under the impression there is something unlawful about the particular perversion from his days as a policeman back when plod were still loitering around public toilets in the hope of catching these sad perverts.

Feel Martinis seems his usual bellicose and ill informed self!

Homosexuality is NOT a Crime any more, it is one of several legalised pervesions.

May I remind Feel Martinis that one EUkip MEP has openly declared her perversion, whilst a long term candidate of EUkip and next in line if Farage can find a way to remove the bent ex copper Colman has openly boasted of his perversions whilst his wife made public her belief that he had other yet more sinister perversions which, though common place in Belgioum, are still both morally and criminally reprehensible in this country.

Of course I for one would post similar if an MEP leaving any club at 3am. with a pick up.

As I recal details of Godfrey Bloom's association with a black prostitute on the bonnet of a car was made public after he was arrested!

Do tell us Feel Martinis - what is the problem you have with the truth? Does this stem back to your ancestry or were you influenced in the police to lie and attempt to bully?

You really have proved over quite a period of time to be one of mankind's natural excrecences haven't you.

Feel Martinis yet again you prove yourself to be a coward, a cheat and a liar.

Sadly you are not alone in EUkip or there might be SOME hope for these United Kingdoms through what has become a vile organisation working with the EU to create pan EU Political Parties/Groups - in EUkip's case comprising some of the most revolting political low lifes that EUrope has had the misfortune to engage with for many years.

May I remind you of the law where if I claim that I believe that yopu are a closet homosexual no offence would have been committed as we still have freedom of speech and there is legally no stigma in your perversion.

Just as it is dishonest and criminal to lie and state that someone is a bankrupt when it is a lie and when the liar has absolutely no evidence to back their lie.

Robert Feel Martinis you bring shame on the party you chose to befoul. Shame on your ancestry and embarrassment to decent people who have the misfortune to come across you.