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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Godfrey Bloom: UKIP's resident idiot MEP

Here is an interesting email exchange between Godfrey Bloom - UKIP MEP, fool and drunkard - and two of his fellow British MEPs:

Subject: RE: From nanny state to bully state.

Enough is enough!!!

Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 17:01:50 +0200

To: charles.tannock@europarl.europa.eu; godfrey.bloom@europarl.europa.eu; DL-MEP&ASSISTANTS@europarl.europa.eu

Sorry to spam, but for accuracy's sake the Commission paper is a RECOMMENDATION.

i.e. it is NOT BINDING on any member state. It is basically a set of best practice (WHO) guidelines.

It is entirely up to each member state to decide for itself what policy to adopt re. smoking in public.


Chris Davies MEP

From: TANNOCK Charles Sent: 30 June 2009 16:56


Subject: RE: From nanny state to bully state. Enough is enough!!!

Dear Colleagues

As someone who has never smoked but nevertheless always retained a sense of proportion on the matter of a call to ban smoking in my country (originally favouring a partial ban only), I have to say after a couple of cigarette smoke free years in London I am as a doctor and politician fully now signed-up to the banning of smoking in pubs and clubs throughout the UK, which may well be the model the EU wishes to pursue for the rest of the Union. Though personally I think it best done by legislating at member state level.

Godfrey as a smoker himself naturally speaks for the smokers who are it's true increasingly a persecuted minority but he conveniently forgets not just the majority non smoking public who have to put up with the passive smoking damaging effect on their health every time they go for a drink (something I am familiar with when I enter for a pint of beer in O'Farrels which is thick with a cloud of smoke in the winter when they have no ventilation to speak of and in part generated by the UKIP MEPs present!) but of even greater public health importance is the damaging effects long term on the bar staff who cannot just walk away and are subject to an occupational hazard which the comprehensive banning of smoking will abolish or dramatically reduce.



Dr. Charles Tannock MEP

London Region
Deputy Coordinator Foreign Affairs Committee for EPP-ED Group
UK Conservative Foreign Affairs Spokesman

Office of Dr. Charles Tannock MEP
Conservative/London Region

European Parliament
ASP 14 E 101
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B-1047 Brussels
Tel: +32 2 28 45870
Fax: +32 2 28 49870

From: BLOOM Godfrey Sent: 30 June 2009 16:29


Subject: From nanny state to bully state. Enough is enough!!!

EU plans launched today to ban all smoking in public places, including beer gardens, parks festivals and the like were greeted by disbelief and a call to action from Godfrey Bloom MEP.

The EU has called for a ban on smoking in “enclosed public places” but they define this in a quite ridiculous fashion.

“the definition of "public places" should cover all places accessible to the general public or places for collective use, regardless of ownership or right to access. It is further recommended that “indoor” (or “enclosed”) areas be defined to include any space covered by a roof or enclosed by one or more walls or sides, regardless of the type of material used for the roof, wall or sides, and regardless of whether the structure is permanent or temporary”.

“Enough is enough”, said Bloom, “today 6 pubs will close in the UK. Today part of our culture is under threat. Today is the time to say enough is enough. These jumped up puritan dictators must be told where to get off."

Nobody pretends that smoking is a good thing, but it is legal. So why don't they come clean and announce an outright ban? Because they daren't. Making 12 million Britons criminals overnight might be going a little too far even for them. But making them second class citizens, well it seems that is no problem”.

These bullies seem to have no truck with freedom, liberty or tolerance. Well in that case we shall have to take it back. And if that means a certain level of civil disobedience, well so be it!


The Commission proposals can be found here

End of emails.

And we have to put up with this idiot for another FIVE years?


Trixy said...

Lovely piece of homophobia there, well done you.

Blinding, Adrian. Can't wait to blog it.

Junius said...

Dear Annabelle, Your comment makes no sense and makes you look rather foolish. Did you intend to comment on another article on this blog but posted it here by mistake?

Let me know and I can remove your comment.

PS. How is Nigel?

Junius said...

Or are you suggesting that Bloom is homosexual?