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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

UKIP: Dr Edmond on Nigel Farage's sordid deal with the Italian fascists

Another excellent article by Dr Edmond:

So the deal is done. UKIP has allied itself to the Italian fascists to secure more money, a bigger office and bragging rights for NF in the EU talking shop. I do not see how this advances by one iota our cause of getting our country back under our control. What will UKIP do with this extra money? They already have 13 extremely well paid MEPs with very large expense accounts!

NF seems to think that what he gets up to in Brussels will not be reported by the media in the UK. He has been right in this assumption so far but following the MP expenses scandal the British press have got the taste of elected representatives blood. They have savaged our MPs and next will come our MEPs who are a far less able but much greedier bunch. The alliance with the Nord Liga and their ilk will prove to be a spectaclar own goal by NF giving our media all the ammunition to portray UKIP MEPs as a bunch of hypocrites.

The EU rules requiring a group to comprise at least 25 members from 7 different countries is there to ensure we all behave like good Europeans, do the Commissions bidding and forget our country. All of this for a pitiful bribe that no self respecting Mafioso would get out of bed for! It has been the tactic used for the last 50 years to implement Monnet's dream of an European nation to rival the great Satan, the USA. By joining such a group UKIP embeds our country ever deeper in the EU mire. Worse they deny those who genuinely want to leave the EU the oxygen of media exposure to further our cause of withdrawal.

Ask yourself why the EU propaganda machine called the BBC gave so much time to Nigel Farage in the run up to 4th June. Simple, it furthers their aim of of turning our country into a European region. The UKIP grass roots who idolise Nigel Farage think he gets on the media so much because he is a wonderful media performer. Mr Farage of course encourages this view amongst the faithful and certainly believes it himself! He should remember the fate of Hollywood stars when they start to believe their own publicity!

The truth is the BBC gives UKIP and Farage so much exposure because it enables them to deprive the genuine withdrawalist parties who want nothing to do with the EU of media time. Farage's presence ensures they can claim their output is "balanced" but of course it is only balanced to the BBC agenda.

Today Alastair Darling announced his great new package on financial regulation. More power to the FSA. To cement this I predict the next Governor of the Bank of England will be Lord Turner, the current head of the FSA. HMG pretends to the UK public it still regulates UK financial services. But as the Daily Telegraph business section puts it today "the EU dog will not only bark but take a bite out of the City". The EU already has its financial regulatory system finalised based Spanish and French current practice. The voting on this will be done under rules that ensure the UK cannot block these new rules.

As the Telegraph's front business page proclaims,

"EU reforms to take away UK voting powers"

No QMV allowed, so what on earth is the point of Darling's proposals. They are a gigantic expensive pointless exercise. Does HMG still not realise Brussels rules the UK from the day they ratified the EU superstate in the Lisbon Treaty?

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