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Monday, 30 January 2012

UKIP: Farage in the Express

We note that the Daily Express has been quoting Nigel Farage in a recent article on the EU. Farage claims that he is determined to find out “exactly how they were wasting people’s money”!

What a pity that the Express reporter couldn't be bothered to ask Nigel the same question! How about starting off with asking Farage what happened to the £211,000 that 'vanished' from UKIP's SE accounts? Or why not ask Nigel how he spent the £2 million he claimed in expenses as an MEP? See: LINK

And what of the allegation that Farage has been ordered by OLAF to pay back a 'substantial' amount of money to the EU? We note that he refuses to discuss the allegation. See: LINK

And don't forget that employs his wife on £30,000 a year - all thanks to the EU. And what about Annabelle Fuller, Nigel's mistress? How much is she getting from the EU purse?

And remember this?

On July 25th 1999, Meridian TV’s ‘Seven Days’ programme, put a straight question to Mr Farage, and received in response an unequivocal answer. An answer that has now come back to haunt Nigel.


Reporter Phil Hornby: Is there something, Nigel Farage, a touch hypocritical about you flying out on these free flights and enjoying the restaurants and so on of the parliament here, and enjoyng the gravy train, so-called, life of an MEP? How do you square that circle?

Nigel Farage: You will remember that right through (the 1999 Euro campaign) that we said we are not going on the gravy train; that we are the only people who are intending, annually, to publish so that the public can inspect them, our expense accounts, our allowance accounts, and the excess that we get - the excess that we are forced to take - particularly on travelling allowances, we are going to be putting into a trust fund and that money will be used to help victims of the European Union in our country, so I do reject the allegation that we’re on the gravy train and there’s certainly no chance of the three of us going native.

And there you have it - straight from his own mouth - he has not kept his promise! Simple, end of story, no argument! He lied! Over 11 years on and still no full audit of his accounts, expenses, etc!

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