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Monday, 23 January 2012

UKIP on just 1% of the vote

Forget all the usual nonsense that continues to pour forth from Farage and his sycophants about UKIP replacing the Lib Dems as the third party in British politics. Stuart Parr - never one to let the truth get in the way of a good lie - has even gone on record as saying that "UKIP is quite firmly cemented as the third party in English local politics". 

But what can you expect from an individual (known as 'the Muppet Man' in UKIPPER circles) who would be more than willing to kiss Farage's backside on national TV in order to win continued favour from his corrupt boss? LINK

Stuart Parr entertains the crowds during the last UKIP conference

Ignore Parr's lies. Here are the facts:

A by-election summery (nine by-elections) for December puts UKIP at just 1% and in seventh place.

35.4% Conservative
30.4% Labour
15.1% Liberal Democrat
6.7% Green
5.7% Nationalist
2.6% Independent
1.0% UKIP

3.0% Others

The UK Polling Report still puts the Lib Dems firmly in third place. UKIP is nowhere in sight! LINK

So UKIP continues to decline under Nigel Farage's inept and corrupt leadership!


Greg_L-W. said...


sadly there is nothing more depressingly true for genuine patriots that the ONLY viable party claiming to represent the best interests of these United kingdoms as alleged EUroSceptics has so comprehensively betrayed its electorate and our Country.

The results paint a grim picture which belies the contrived commercial polls!

Whatever the polls may falsely claim or UKIP leadership and its self serving parasites in the claque may claim ACTUAL ELECTION RESULTS are abysmal.

The bullying, squabbling, racism, anti homosexual gender abuse of the garbage that has risen to prominence in UKIP is a selfish, self serving, self important, self agrandising, self deluding leadership cult that has proved hugely damaging to Britain in general and EUroScepticism in specific.

In a society that presents with a clear majorirty wishing to LEAVE-The-EU that their only political route has so spectacularly failed to gain their trust or credibility serves our peoples and the future ill.

The divisive nature and jockeying for position at the top of UKIP and amongst their parasites isclearly self serving treachery.

Whether UKIP leadership and the scum gathered around them act out of utter stupidity or pure malice is for YOU to decide but judging by the behaviour and criminality of many of those involved I regret I can only come to the one conclusion.


Greg_L-W. said...


one starts to realise just why UKIP is so spectacularly failing when the cowardly parasites like Independent UKIP come out with comments on UKIP controlled Forums like:

Independent UKIP
I clicked the link where they said UKIP was nowhere in sight. They were quite correct - UKIP had been intentionally excluded from all the data! What a bunch of charlatans Junius are.

Distorting the facts presented by the Junius posters - NOT ONE of the vile cowards in UKIP has admitted the TRUTH which is that The Junius blog & UKIP-vs-EUkip have made it clear these are ACTUAL results not commercial polls.

UKIP has according to the FACTUAL record obtained only 1% of the actual vote in the period deliniated.

Endless lies and distortions by the pond life of UKIP's claque do them huge harm and explain why no one but a fool trusts them and only 1% voted for them in by elections in December!

It is these self same cowards who have endlessly tried to claim I have misled people and not told the truth yet have failed in the many 1,000s of postings I have made to identify a single solitary error of any consequence - The UKIP liars repeatedly turn out in force to befoul the name of EUroScepticism and give strength to the odious EU scams!


Greg_L-W. said...


in arriving at this figure it is possibly even worse than it seems as UKIP's aim is to stand in EVERY constituency unlike Greens, BNP and some others who target areas where they might succeed!

UKIP was unable to find candidates willing to be associated with them in very many seats and out of 26 by-elections in December and November they could only find 14 candidates and I believe that was in their strongest zone - England as it seems not to include the EU regional assembly areas of Wales & Scotland.

I note after catastrophic results in The Forest of Dean they recently fielded a candidate in a little local election fgor an irrelevant non job who obtained 1:7th. of the vote required to be elected but better than the average of 1% with, what for UKIP is clearly a massive result where Colin Guyton obtained some 119 votes in the village council election giving somewhere around 5 or 6% of the votes cast!

The liars and spin artists on UKIP controlled Forums try to pretend this is a result of merit!

Rather than pretend Junius has deliberately misled anyone perhaps they should first consider their own unethical dishonesty and all too frequent lies.