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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

UKIP: Mick 'Wolfman' McGough's obsession ...... or is it love?

Wolfman McGough about to send yet another email to his 'love'

We note that Wolfman 'Failed London Mayoral Candidate' McGough has been showing increasing signs of mental derangement and instability. He has, of course, always been slightly unhinged but he appears to have got much worse over the last few weeks. McGough is now a man obsessed. And who are the subjects of this obsession? ....... None other than Greg Lance-Watkins and his wife.

The Wolfman has been sending thousands of emails to the couple every month. Hundreds are sent on a daily basis! Some messages state that McGough has been receiving strange phone calls from someone claiming to a 'homosexual former airline mogul with a knighthood'. See picture blow. Click on it for a clearer view. Another example of the McGough's mental breakdown?

Many of the emails ask why GLW is ignoring him. It reminds one of a lovesick teenager who can't accept that the object of his desire is just not interested. Indeed, many of the messages are addressed to 'Dearest Greg' and end with the words 'yours as ever'. So has the Wolfman reached a crisis point in his life? We hear that his marriage is less than perfect. Is he now so unsure of his sexuality that he sees GLW as a potential partner? McGough has even sometimes featured a picture of GLW as his avatar on the British Democracy Forum! Such is love! So when is the Wolfman going to come out of the closet?

Or does McGough swing both ways? Other emails carry love messages to Lee, GLW's wife, bearing the word 'babes' or 'Lee baby'. We wonder what McGough's wife thinks about this?

We would strongly advise the Wolfman to seek urgent mental health treatment before it's too late! And a what a damning indictment of UKIP's leadership that they allow this moronic individual to sit on UKIP's NEC, act as a spokesman for the party and stand as a candidate!

And don't forget that Gerard Batten is more than happy to use this man as his driver, bag carrier and mouthpiece. A man of integrity and commonsense wouldn't touch McGough with a bargepole! It's no wonder that members in London want Batten removed as their MEP!

Gerard Batten is currently under investigation by OLAF. He has also been reported to the police and Elcom. He has been accused of false accounting and failing to provide accurate record of his election expenses. He is also facing an industrial tribunal after a former staff member accused him of racism. McGough's name features heavily in these investigations/cases. See: LINK

Also see: LINK

1 comment:

Greg_L-W. said...


I understand that Mick McGough's harassment falls into the realms of ctiminally unbalanced - however his lies and smears are merely the efforts of an obvious inafequate to defame.

Clearly Mick McGough is damaging to UKIP and EUroRealism and for them to have the support of criminals, liars, cheats and cowards like Mick McGough is unfortunate - for them to fail to address this behaviour deeply damages UKIP as it shows them for the self serving frauds and hypocrits their leadership are.

Similarly the cowards, liars and creeps sheltering their lies and their identities behind childish false names shows them for the trash they are.

Neither Mick McGough or the likes of cowards like Independent UKIP, SDP, Skeptik have even the integrity to apologise for their lies and smears and hugely demean UKIP with such corrupt dishonesty.

UKIP's ONLY hope is to clean up its act and try to professionalise distancing themselves from scum like this so redolent of the bad old racist National Front days!

The EUroRealist majority in these United kingdoms deserve better and more honest, more professional representation of their vakues than UKIP has ever provided.