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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Carry On UKIP

More on the UKIP Conference

Farage gave his usual ranting speech. No surprise there. He was also trying to persuade members to buy his first novel. The title is ‘Fighting Bull or How I’ve made a million out of the EU’.

We must admit that Lord Pearson’s speech was calm. However, he appeared nervous and ill at ease. Was he wondering how the membership would react to the news that UKIP is now officially a Tory pressure group?

However, most notable for fluffing around the conference, making noises and generally making everyone aware of his presence was the one and only MIKE NATTRASS!

Mike, can we give you a bit of advice? Declaring yourself innocent does not mean that you are!

Malcolm Wood did a very good job of protecting Lord Pearson from the lower classes. One UKIPPER was going to tackle Pearson about OLAF, Nigel’s expenses and the shameful expulsion of Nikki Sinclaire. Sadly, they failed to get within ten feet of the ‘great’ man. Malcolm’s ring of steel was just too strong.

Malcolm did try to give the impression that he knows everything about everyone; of being in the loop, whilst blustering and waffling his way across the conference hall.

Donald Ransome - East Midlands RO and convicted drunk driver - was very noticeable by his absence. Was he too ashamed to show his face? Did he fear questions about his suitability as a regional organiser or why he declined to stand in the GE? Was he scared that someone might question him about OLAF and the various allegations of fraud surrounding his boss?

Or was he just too busy spending his £ 60,000 annual EU pay from Derek Clark?

We must say that Derek looked very sour, haggard and lonely in the corner of the hall. It seems that many of his former friends have now deserted him. Was he pondering his possible fate at the hands of OLAF?

It seems that Derek is not standing in the General Election. UKIP Northampton South has been forced to find another candidate - one, we hope, not tainted by financial scandals.

But we do fully understand why Derek and Don made the decision not to stand in May. You never know who MAY turn up at the hustings. A member of the Junius Team could very well have dropped in for a chat and asked a few searching questions!

It was good to see Jeffrey Titford at the rally. It appears that his health is not as bad as some were lead to believe. OLAF will appreciate the good news!

Graham Booth appeared much happier than the last time we saw him. He clearly enjoys his retirement from the EU parliament. You may recall that OLAF has been looking into his time as an MEP. That smile may soon vanish from his face.

He now lives abroad. Yet another ‘patriot’ who turned his back on Great Britain.

Bannerman and Agnew did nothing of consequence. No surprise there!

Peter Reeve - UKIP RO in the Eastern Region - was seen alongside UKIP Director Lisa 'Scruffy' Duffy. Both have done very well out of the EU. They also have the knack of befriending those UKIPPERS who can further their careers and thus the size of their bank accounts. Is that why Reeve can afford a haircut every day?

Both are going to back Bannerman in the next leadership election. If Bannerman wins you can expect both of them to appear on a future MEP list. Lead candidates of course!

And what happened to Trevor Colman?

Attendence was roughly 500.

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I incline to agree but when you think of it in relationship to the natural rate of breeding in China it is surprising there is no glyph for either 'lover 99' or 'sexy girl'.

One must assume that since they have no written word for them they probably don't waste time speaking to them either, which may account for the birth rate!

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