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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

UKIP's EFD promotes European integration

In 1990, Portugal, France, Spain, Morocco, and the European Community signed an agreement - known as the Lisbon Agreement - aimed at combating maritime pollution in the north east Atlantic. The Spanish Minister of Works, JOSÉ BORRELL FONTELLES, later to become president of the European Parliament, signed on behalf of Spain. The treaty was never actually ratified, due to territorial disputes between Spain and Morocco.

Initially formulated under the auspices of the UN, this initiative has now effectively been hijacked by the EU.

For 20 years, this piece of legislation has sat in the political waiting room. Now, on March 9th 2010, it has just been given the green light following the adoption of a report by the European Parliament. It has emerged, fully developed, as yet another piece of EU legislation

Who has facilitated this step towards further EU integration? None other than Anna Rosbach, a Danish member of UKIP's political group, the EFD, the author of the report.

UKIP was elected on a ticket of opposing all new EU legislation. Nigel Farage has stated that membership of a political group gives MEPs more power, so how can he justify giving increased power to pro-EU politicians, who will actually facilitate the ratification of even more euro-legislation? This is particularly sensitive, as it affects our fishing waters.

This serves as yet another illustration of why UKIP should not be sitting in a group with political parties whose aims are totally at odds with our own agenda.

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