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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

UKIP: Nikki Sinclaire removed as a UKIP MEP

They did it as we said they would! See: LINK

Zuckerman has sent Nikki Sinclaire a letter informing her that she is no longer a UKIP MEP. She has been banned from standing as a UKIP candidate, using the UKIP name or even UKIP literature!

That's the thanks you get for 16 years of loyal service. That's the thanks you get for donating thousands of pounds to the Party. No right of reply and no right to a disciplinary hearing.

And her crime? To stand up to Farage and to leave the EFD! See: LINK

So much for Pearson's assurances! He had promised Nikki that leaving the EFD would not affect her position as an MEP. Farage still calls ALL the shots. He wanted her out and Pearson was too cowardly to say no.

Yet again the NEC are exposed as the sycophants of Farage. They will do ANYTHING to please their glorious Fuhrer.

Farage had threatened to resign if Nikki was not removed as a UKIP MEP. He was bluffing but Pearson fell for it. The fool!

Does ANYONE out there still think that UKIP is worth a single vote while Farage remains as the real leader?

You have a party controlled by one man. A man who ignores every rule in the book. A man who claims to love democracy but stifles it in his own party.

He would not have been out of place in Stalin's Russia or Hitler's Germany. The man is a disgusting example of everything that is wrong with UKIP. Dishonesty, corruption and sycophancy are his watchwords. The sooner he is removed the better.

Farage has not heard the last of Nikki Sinclaire. Watch the courts!

Nikki's statement:

It is with great disappointment that I have today received a letter from the Party Secretary, Michael Zuckerman that removes me as a UKIP MEP. A decesion that has lost UKIP it's status as the official opposition in the European Parliament and the UK's 2nd largest party.

There has been no disciplinary procedure and no right of reply. I find this course of action incredulous after 16 years of service. This decision has been made despite expression of absolue support for the Party and intention to continue as a UKIP MEP/Candidate. There was an agreed position between myself, Lord Pearson and fellow UKIP West MIdlands MEP, Mike Nattrass

With only eight weeks before a General Election I find it absolutely amazing that the Party decided to open a sore wound rather than fight the real enemy.

I reserve the right to defend my reputation, my political career and the aims of UKIP by all available means.


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