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Saturday, 13 March 2010

UKIP: The Earl of Dartmouth gets upset

You may recall how the Earl of Dartmouth spent most of his time reading a newspaper or drifting in and out of a committee meeting in Brussels. See: LINK

He was so annoyed by our report that he felt the need to write to us. GLW's reply to his spin was also published by us.

We were happy to publish William's comments but we would have been far more interested in why he is happy to sit with fascists in the EFD. To view the comments: LINK

Would William like to give us his reasons for sitting with Lega Nord and other assorted fascists? We guarantee to publish his reasons for doing so in full.

And now for some more recent news on the Earl……

It appears that William is now trying to emulate Nigel by being as obnoxious as he possibly can when addressing his colleagues in the EU Parliament.

He had rose to address Cathy Ashton, but due to his abusive tone, his microphone was turned off.

Our noble Earl then ripped up his papers, shouted more abuse and stormed out of the room.

Hardly what you would expect from a peer of the realm.

1 comment:

Greg L-W. said...


in the light of this immature and spoilt brat behaviour to see this pompous buffoon trying to use distraction tactics when it was advocated on a forum that he would be better placed doing a job of work in Britain where he said:

Your insinuations are unworthy of even an ex-UKIP Member.
For consistent use of the platform of being an elected UKIP MEP, see www.williamdartmouth.com . This includes the achievement of being (in large part) responsible for the release of 2 South West constituents imprisoned in Budapest, Hungary under the European Arrest Warrant.

That I presume would be the lad from the pub who being failed businessmen skipped out on their debts in Hungary leaving the far from well off Hungarian people they owed money to with at least £20K of unpaid bills.

What an achievement! which fine upstanding crooks will he be assisting next, maybe to skip bills of £800K in Gibraltar or even their debts in Britain to work for the EU in the name of EUkip.

Wee Willy needs to grow up - no wonder the Tories never used him and he was tossed out of the HoL.

It does seem EUkip has become a dustbin for the failed and the dishonest since over 50% of the UKIP members left, one wonders if it was in fact 100% of the EUkip members replaced by the charlatans, hirelings, neredo wells and fools of the new Rcist, anti Jewish, violent pro EU Pan EU Political Party EFD grouping EUkip sees itself most like!

Perhaps this plonker Wee Willy Dartmouth can continue at this rate and proudly say at the end of his 5 years that although elected to save our country 'he quit from the start, climbed on the gravy train and did nothing but stuff his face and his pocket saving 20 bill skippers from facing the music during his self serving 5 years'!

That's EUkip for you!

Greg L-W.