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Monday, 1 March 2010

UKIP MEPs to face UK police investigation

You will recall that both GLW and this blog have mentioned that OLAF has passed on certain files to the UK police. We understand that they are now with a ‘central police authority’. See: LINK

We have been told that the MEPs are:

Nigel Farage

Godfrey Bloom

Mike Nattrass

Derek Clark

Graham Booth - ex-MEP for the South West.

We understand that both Dr John Whittaker (former UKIP MEP for the NW) and Gerard Batten have been cleared by OLAF.

A decision on Roger Knapman and Jeffrey Titford has yet to be taken.

The OLAF investigation has been lengthy and widespread. Many witnesses have been interviewed and many statements have been taken. See: LINK & LINK

The allegations concern the alleged misuse of EU funds and allowances. OLAF was very interested in the way UKIP funded the regional organisers and other members of their staff.

We understand that both Don Ransome and Stuart Gulleford are mentioned in the OLAF files.

Don Ransome is Derek Clark’s regional organiser in the East Midlands. He was recently convicted of drink driving. See: LINK

Stuart Gulleford was Jeffrey Titford’s political advisor. He now works for Stuart Agnew and David Bannerman - UKIP MEPs in the Eastern Region. He was also a UKIP MEP candidate.

You may recall that John West was the first to contact both the police and OLAF with concerns about Jeffrey Titford and Stuart Gulleford. He did this after being made aware of alleged wrongdoing in UKIP’s Chelmsford Office.

It is interesting to note that one OLAF witness was sent a threatening letter during the investigation. See: LINK

Mr West was later expelled from UKIP for going to the police and OLAF. See: LINK & LINK

It appears that he has now been vindicated.

We also understand that other non- UKIP British MEPs may also face a police investigation.

More details to follow from Junius and GLW as soon as we get them.

Also see: LINK

1 comment:

Greg L-W. said...


as the investigation of the EUkip corruption spreads out and the OLAF files are passed on from the Central Police at New Scotland Yard to the individual police constituencies one does wonder in their investigations whether they will pursue Stuart Gulleford under his alias Gollom for his behaviour with cats!

Monies transfered to his mother from Titford's funds are unlikely to be of interest but the large sum allegedly transferred to the corrupt and dishonest David Lott may well interest if it has been included.

As is well known both Stuart Agnew & David Bannerman were both involved in the lies and corruption that was the selection process in the Eastern Region - for details see:

One wonders with the files of 5 EUkip MEPs now passing across from OLAF to the British authorities (yes we know they have repaid their dishonest pensions! But as Tom Wise found out repaying money AFTER you have been caught doesn't absolve you of guilt!)

Is Stuart Wheeler a fool or playing a dirtier game propping up this bunch of superannuated squabbling, back stabbing Parish Council rejects and spivs?

Already it is clear Pearson has the leadership skills of a tadpole, one wonders if it is a Tory tadpole or just an inept one!

Greg L-W.