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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Lord Pearson to resign as UKIP leader after the General Election

Our sources have confirmed that Lord Pearson is set to resign as UKIP leader following the General Election.

He has been truly shocked at the amount of infighting he witnessed during a recent trip to Strasbourg and wants to leave the sinking ship at the earliest opportunity.

Pearson's wife also dislikes Farage intensely. Indeed, Farage's attempts to impress her have failed miserably. Clearly her judgment is more sound than that of her husband!

Pearson originally came on board after Stuart Wheeler insisted on Farage standing down as leader. Wheeler made it quite clear that he would not give UKIP any money if Farage declined his generous suggestion. See: LINK

Wheeler is also shocked at the behaviour of certain UKIP MEPs and is beginning to wonder why he is funding UKIP. See: LINK

We understand that Paul Nuttall, Gerard Batten and David Bannerman are going to stand for the leadership.

The odious Nuttall is already laying the groundwork for a post GE leadership bid. His supporters are now busy in the shadows canvassing support for UKIP’s very own Benito Mussolini.

Nuttall is best know for fabricating evidence against his enemies or forcing unwanted PPCs onto unsuspecting branches. See: LINK & LINK

He also famously refused to share a stage with Nick Griffin after the BNP was elected to the EU Parliament.

Although Nuttall is not prepared to stay in the same hall as Griffin he is more than happy to sit with associated fascists in the EFD. The word hypocrite comes to mind. See: LINK

Gerard Batten came second last time. Tim - who is regarded as ‘Gerard’s biggest fan’ - will no doubt be pleased. We look forward to seeing his/her ‘ Vote Gerard’ blog reappear from the cyber shadows. But please cut out the poetry!

Gerard is unhappy with Nikki Sinclaire’s recent treatment at the hands of Farage but has yet to say anything publicly.

Have a word with him, Tim!

David Bannerman is keen to promote his bogus ancestry and his equally bogus claim to be related to a former prime minister. This Tory failure and serial liar only came over to UKIP after Roger Knapman promised him the chance to be a lead MEP candidate in a ‘safe' region.

Bannerman has been accused of being actively involved in the rigging of UKIP’s MEP selection process in the Eastern Region. He also likes to visit certain clubs in Strasbourg and Brussels when not falling asleep in the EU Parliament.

Bannerman already has two key supporters in positions of power. Both have indicated that they will campaign for him behind the scenes.

Lisa ‘Scuffy’ Duffy is the unwashed paid Director of UKIP. She also sits on the NEC. She has campaigned for Bannerman in a previous leadership bid.

She lives in Ramsey with a certain Peter Reeve. Mr Reeve just happens to be the UKIP RO for the Eastern Region.

He was also accused of being heavily involved in the rigging of UKIP’s Eastern Region selection process.

David Bannerman is alleged to have said that he would continue to employ Peter Reeve as his RO if elected to Brussels.

Peter Reeve later sat on the panel that allowed David Bannerman to become an MEP candidate. Peter Reeve is still the RO for the Eastern Region. We will let you draw your own conclusions from that!

We have yet to hear if Mike Nattrass intends to stand. He may be too busy trying to sue The Times!

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