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Friday, 12 March 2010

UKIP titbits: Michael McManus & Lee Slaughter

Michael McManus is not standing as a UKIP PPC

Michael McManus is well known to readers of this blog. You may recall how he helped to fabricate evidence against Gregg Beaman or even his failure to inject any fire into what is left of Young Independence. See: LINK & LINK

Michael McManus has decided not to stand in the General Election. He gives ‘work commitments’ as the reason behind this decision.

It is interesting to note that his ‘work commitments’ didn’t stop him standing as an MEP candidate last year.

And it didn’t stop John Whittaker standing in multiple constituencies in the 2005 GE. And he was an MEP at the time!

UKIP North West is desperate for even paper candidates, but they don't appear to want the overworked McManus!

So is there more to this than meets the eye?

We did hear one rumour that he had been deselected as a PPC following complaints about his general attitude. We are now looking into this.

It is amusing to note that Paul Nuttall in a recent interview claimed:

“We are not just about the EU any more. We are about winning local council seats and taking seats in Parliament”.

So perhaps he should have a word with his little friend.

And would Nuttall care to explain why at various UKIP regional meetings across the country members have been urged to start raising money for the next Euro elections?

With an election only a couple of months away we would have thought that the priority would have been raising funds to get seats in Westminster?

Certain regional organisers clearly don’t share your sentiments. Or are you just lying again?

Don't tell us that UKIP's leadership is only interested in fighting the Euros. Whatever next!

Lee Slaughter: UKIP PPC for Congleton

We note with interest that Lee Slaughter has resurfaced as the UKIP PPC for Congleton, Cheshire.

He has been making a bit of a fuss in the local press after three bitter ex-Tories joined his branch.

He was originally deselected as a UKIP PPC in around 2006 after he failed to attend a candidates interview.

It appears that fears had been raised over his somewhat robust views on race and immigration.

He later left a rather colourful message for the then NW chairman - a certain Phil Griffiths - and the RO.

He also has a rather amusing way of telling people different things about himself, a practice often known as lying.

We understand that a certain UKIPPER later took at a look at some of Mr Slaughter’s companies and was less than impressed with what he found.

We are sure that he will do well in Farage's UKIP!

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