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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Nigel Farage: Questions he needs to answer but won't!

Andrew Edwards is a former member of UKIP. He now specialises in sending out emails devoted to exposing UKIP corruption.

Here is one of his latest emails. It deserves to be circulated to a wider audience. Here it is in full:

Nigel Farage still has pressing questions that require answers before he parades himself as a 'Mr Clean' challenging Westminster corruption by standing against its Speaker, John Bercow. See below:

1) Nigel Farage has repeatedly refused to confirm or deny that he has established an 'Educational Trust' on the Isle of Man.

He will probably refuse to answer this additional question as well:

When did you set up this Trust Fund Mr Farage? Was it, as it is now been rumoured, around the time that £212k was shown on UKIP's SE regional accounts as having been spent on unspecified 'other expenses' (and that of itself is another issue that has never been explained). A coincidence? Maybe! But some will recall that when Martin Haslam tried to get answers about this 'Trust Fund' out of Mr Farage he got the push from the NEC for his trouble. See: http://juniusonukip.blogspot.com/2008/12/dr-eric-edmond-on-martin-haslam-marta.html

Until Mr Farage comes clean and gives unequivocal answers to this there will always be a suspicion that there is something to hide!

2) Why has Nigel Farage never visited Gibraltar in support of UKIP candidates during Europarl elections? Could it be because he (Farage) is (a)not permitted to visit Gibraltar because of debts he owes there or (b) because he's made some dangerous enemies on the Rock?

Again this is a long standing issue, and again one that Nigel refuses to answer. Before he stands before the Buckingham electorate as a 'Mr Clean' candidate it is another question that must be answered! See:

[Note: Farage started work as a metals trader (these traders are notorious for having too many duplicitous members within their ranks, and are consequently looked down upon by the civilised part of the City) at his father's firm. Incidentally Farage's brother is ARG Farage (Andrew).]

3) Mr Farage established a limited company, 'Farage Ltd': This company was incorporated on 06/02/2003 - its Companies House Reg. No. is 4659240, with a registered office at, 57a Broadway, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, SS9 1PE (an accommodation address for a multitude of little companies). This means that 'Farage Ltd' has been running since the establishment of the infamous 'Ashford Call Centre'. The call centre which took in so much cash but passed so little on to UKIP. See: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1543018/Ukip-donations-failing-to-get-to-party-HQ.html

Another coincidence? More like another important question for Nigel Farage to answer:

What was 'Farage Ltd' established for?

What happened to the multiple thousands of pounds that went into 'Ashford' and then quite simply, disappeared?

Did any of those monies pass through the books of 'Farage Ltd' for any reason whatsoever?

Why was the UKIP Treasurer at the time, John de Roek, refused access to the 'Ashford' accounts?

4) Will Nigel Farage confirm/deny that he's been/being investigated by OLAF? If so, are the investigations into Mr Farage related to his EU allowances from the previous Parliament?

[The same allowances that Nigel Farage promised to post each quarter back in May last year - "From the moment any Ukip members get elected, all elected MEPs will provide a clear and traceable quarterly statement of their expense accounts," - but has failed to do so].

Maybe Nigel Farage would like to confirm whether he has had to pay back any of his EU allowances, as reported in New Europe, and if so, how much?

PS: Nigel Farage is frequently referred to as a Spiv and a Chancer, and with good reason. Maybe it's something in his genes? Consider:

In the Daily Telegraph of Sat 22.11.08, page 32, it was reported that "The Sharpshooters Yeomanry Assoc was attended by Major Guy Farage, David Cameron, Nigel Farage, various colonels and high ranking officers."

But was Guy Farage really an army Major? I'm sure Nigel will correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Mr Guy Farage merely a Lieutenant who did his National Service in the Tank Regiment. And afterwards, didn't he serve in the TA, again as a Lieutenant: Because he was not considered good enough for further promotion?

Now Farage may like to tell people that his dad was a Major, but that claim is more than a tad questionable, and that means that Nigel Farage is again indulging in his favourite pastime - terminological inexactitudes - when he boasts of Daddy's Army career!!!???

Like father like son? Seems more than likely!

Is this man in any way suitable to represent Buckingham???????????

End of email.

This email was also sent to Nigel Farage. Why are we not surprised that UKIP's greatest Spiv failed to answer?

Junius wonders the implications for several UKIPPERS of 12 Friars Gate, which is off Broadfield Lane, Boston, Lincolnshire. PE21 8DR - the holding address, the letterbox address, the accommodation address for certain activity. For those interested it is close to St. Botolph's Church and very easy to find.

This address has been linked in the past to certain activity in the Isle of Man.


web said...

I think you have some kind of obsession with Nigel Farage. If you are so concerned about politics and who the people of Buckingham should or should not elect, why not stand yourself? Well that would take effort, far easier to just sit at home sending out emails and writing blogs!

Junius said...

Edmund Burke:

‘All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.’

So would you rather we remained silent and allowed this dishonest man to become an MP?

The people of Buckingham have a right to know what they are really voting for.

And GLW - a colleague and fellow blogger - is involved in a new party that is fielding candidates in the GE.

His website can be found at: http://www.leave-the-eu.org.uk/

Greg L-W. said...


thanks for the promo Junius - we need all the help we can get to try to launch tomorrow's politics today.

Web is full of advice but clearly lacks the courage needed as he isn't even man enough to put his identity to his silly comments - but then again he is supporting corruption so I am not surprised. He also doesn't know howmany of the Junius team have or will be standing nor just howmany work in the EU and their sources of factual information dry up if they were fired - as it is information is not easy to get as EUkip is far from open, transparent and honest - If they were I guess I could get on with my other battles against the EU rather than spending time on trying to clean up EUkip and make UKIP electable.

EUkip is increasingly able to get away with its racist, xenophobic, anti Jewish and pro EU membership agenda with its partners whom it helps in the EFD - because well over 50% of the UKIP activists have left in disgust since Farage seized the leadership - the main replacements and those who remain seem mostly hirelings, filth or fools!

Greg L-W.

web said...

Hi Greg L-W (now what can that stand for - it's not exactly a full name is it?
Your comments are laughable and sheer hypocricy really they are. Firstly I'm not man enough because I'm a woman and if I want to post under a screen name as both of you have done that is my preogative. I suggest you to get back to your pipes, your naval gazing and your garden sheds. I really do not care if Farage did this or didn't do that, I want to get out of the EU and UKIP and Farage are the best and only chance of even coming close to doing that.

I wish you luck in launching 'tomorrow's politics today'. lol.

Excuse me if I don't reply to your next rant - I'm busy getting involved with today's politics.. err.. today...