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Friday, 19 March 2010

UKIP: Greg Lance-Watkins on Mark 'Friar Tuck' Croucher's defeat in the courts

Mark Croucher has just 28 days to pay GLW's £8000 costs. And that, of course, does not include Croucher's own substantial costs in bringing the case to court. How spiffing!

Here is an extract from a statement by Greg Lance-Watkins. The original can be found here: LINK

I had intended NOT to comment on yesterdays events in Cardiff Crown Court - however I note Junius has commented CLICK HERE

The Junius write up came about as one of them called my home before I had returned, and I had on leaving the Court phoned Lee to say that we had effectively won the case. That Croucher's claim for some £8K had not stood as 3 examples given by the Judge of similar cases were for C£600 which all involved National Newspapers and commercial organisations and that a not for profit blog as run by the defendant commanded a fractional comparison. It was noted that a further claim for a per diem charge was completely out of order (UKIP's Croucher was claiming £75/day/picture x 3 as a punitive rate as no permission had been granted, about £90,000!).

It was also made clear that Croucher had failed to establish Copyright and as Paul Nuttall chairman of UKIP and Clive Page also of UKIP had put their name to the copyright ownership it was clear that this was a UKIP action.

Croucher has been ordered to pay my full costs, as 'accounted' item by item by the Judge in Court, within 28 days.

The above is a reasonable outline, I believe, however I was rather embroiled in the proceedings and may have misunderstood the niceties of the legalise.

As stated it was not my intent to publish until I had the full public judgement to hand, which I will publish.

Present in the Court was my solicitor who took a legal note and will provide a report - I shall seek his advice and if he approves I shall also publish his report.

Also in Court was a freelance journalist who I believe has or will be seeking to write up the story for a commissioning paper - should this third party report come to hand I shall similarly post same.

It is not my intent to 'crow' about this outcome as it does seem more a tragic tale as it seems to me that a particularly weak and venal little man, having failed at much that he has touched in life, has been, in his greed or desperation, manipulated by his employers UKIP, for whom he clearly either works or is some kind of agent, to act/front an attempt to silence my blog and the facts it publishes, by a very personal financial attack on Lee and I.

I take no pleasure in having won the case and obviously as Croucher has been acting in the interest of UKIP and his current employers the Racist, anti Jewish pro EU EFD, which would seem to be little more than a vehicle for Nigel Farage's personal career in the EU, it would seem to be a tragic reflection of just how debased UKIP would seem to have become - willingly using its staff, their sock puppets and their misguided supporters to seek to attack private individuals who take an unpaid role of conviction in opposition to membership of The EU, the dishonesty and corruption, bullying and abuse by UKIP & their staff would seem to know no limits!

I note there has been reflection on the situation pertinent to the BNP, I can throw very little light on this beyond the fact that Croucher gave mention of some pyricc victory prior to Christmas in his submissions to the Court. We understand from the Court in Welshpool that the case was in some manner set aside to be heard again in May, I would submit based on my understandings of costs that Croucher/UKIP could well be facing a bill that makes the £8,000+ payable to my lawyers seem paltry in extricating themselves from the BNP case.

I have portrayed these details in accord with my honest beliefs and understandings of this matter and would ask that others do not SPECULATE in the clear understanding that I will post the legal report if authorised, the journalist's report if obtained and the judgement when received.

Thank you to the many who have so clearly supported me throughout, particularly Lee (others left out to avoid them becoming victims of any attack by UKIP &/or its agents.)

I now call on Mark Croucher, UKIP & The EFD to ensure a rapid settlement of their respective debts.

Case Number: 9DA01429
8, NEW STREET CHAMBERS Intellectual Property Specialists
Acting : Richard LOCKE & Rhodri JONES

I also call on UKIP to disassociate itself from The EFD as violence, personal attacks, racism, xenophobia, anti Judaism and a pro EU stance as are the views of some in the EFD - a position which is reprehensible, distasteful, un British and clearly at variance with the principles and aims of UKIP electorate and grass roots members.

I further call on UKIP and its agents to cease smearing and attacking those with honestly held beliefs at variance with the personal ambitions of UKIP's leadership and the largely parasitic staff and funded praise singers.

End of extract.

Also see: LINK

And we at Junius are still celebrating Croucher's humiliating defeat in the courts. It couldn't have happened to a more deserving person!

With all Croucher's financial problems we can expect his bald patch to get much, much worse. Within a year he should look just like Paul Nuttall!

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