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Friday, 5 March 2010

Derek Clark and UKIP East Midlands have just £700 to fight the General Election!

" No more glad confident dawn again"

On Monday UKIP East Midlands held a meeting in Newark to discuss the General Election.

Derek Clark was not there. He was far too busy in London expelling Nikki Sinclaire to care about the members in his own region.

Don Ransome looked ill and haggard. He has even lost some weight. Is something playing on his mind?

It appears that Mr Ransome had stepped down as a UKIP PPC.

A very wise move. Your drink driving conviction, plus OLAF’s interest in you are hardy likely to impress the voters.

Ransome’s wife was also there.

Is it not about time that you bought a new outfit? With all Don’s EU funded RO money - £800 a week - you could have the best that EU money can buy! See: LINK

For the second meeting in a row there was no treasurer or a report. Has Diane Kelly has lost her nerve already? For 15 years Tony Ellwood never failed to attend, bring a proper report and face questions. But as Tony was honest he clearly had to go.

We were surprised to hear that UKIP East Midlands has just £700 to fight the General election campaign. One would have thought that both Clark and Ransome could have put aside money for the election fund. They are not exactly poor. Both earn tens of thousands in EU funded salaries.

But perhaps they need the money to fund their other 'activities'.

But we must put in a word for Chairman Jamie Bye. He did his best, but he had better watch out for OLAF. They may just want him to make a statement!

Derek Clark OLAF Case Number: D/007/033/04.09.08

Derek Clark OLAF Investigation Number: DD/FD-D2008.A1/7133/OF/2008/0240

1 comment:

Greg L-W. said...


astonishingly Clark's accounts would seem to indicate during this session of parliament alone since he was re-elected he has managed to trouser well in excess of what many of his constituents earn in a year.

Clark receives £200K or about for staff yet only has 4 when others, Nikki Sinclaire has 9, he seems not much interested in his constituents!

May we also be assured that Don Ransome having lost his license for drunk driving is not billing taxis to his expenses - doubly so in that I understand he has an interest in a taxi company or some such!!

I do applaud the fact that Clark does not pay his wife but are we assured she is not paid for when travelling with him for her expenses. It is appreciated that at his advanced years he may well need assistance but to use weasel word to cover duplicity would not in his case be the first time as he is a man without honour or integrity.

You will also note he has not spoken out against membership of the EFD and so clearly he endorses the Racism, Xenophobia, anti Jewish and pro EU violent stance of the group.

One wonders how Michael Zuckerman as party secretary finds this acceptable and I wonder does Sonia know of his stance in support of anti Judaism in the light of her self perception!

EUkip is so befouled now it is clearly unfit for purpose and doesn't even have a credible leader since Pearson showed himself to be a dishonourable weak fool.

Greg L-W.