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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

UKIP: Lord Pearson betrays the membership and the Nation

"What about the [UKIP] 'wasted vote'? The answer to that is that if you want more of the same, more of the Lib/Lab/Con, if you want to make absolutely sure that nothing changes, then you must vote for one of them. If, on the other hand, you want to start the forces of change, then the only sensible thing to do is to vote UKIP."

"So whatever the doubts about a hung Parliament, a Conservative victory would be an absolutely certain disaster, just as bad as Labour. It would be the final extinction of what millions of our forebears have died for over hundreds of years.

"We must not let it happen."

Lord Pearson, UKIP Spring Conference 2010.

And yet this is the same Lord Pearson who is now asking UKIP candidates to 'stand aside' for ‘hardline Eurosceptic’ Labour and Tory PPCs - and for UKIP voters in those constituencies to support one of those parties that he has rightly condemned as "more of the same". See: LINK

Lord Pearson is certainly a very confused man.

A large number of members are now in revolt over this issue. And who can blame them?

Has it escaped Pearson’s attention that both the Tories and Labour are PRO-EU? What is the point of standing aside for ANY Lab/Con PPC if they are prepared to support a party that is committed to EU membership?

Several UKIP candidates have already indicated that they have absolutely no intention of standing aside for any so-called Tory or Labour Eurosceptic.

One UKIP PPC has told us:

“They wouldn’t be in the Tories if they are really Euro-sceptic. They would be with us”.

Pearson’s ‘request’ also indicates that Nigel’s plan to oblige Cameron to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, in return for UKIP candidates stepping down, has been abandoned.

Pearson is still a Tory at heart. And any leader of an anti-EU party that asks his own candidates to stand aside so that voters can elect a pro-EU party has clearly no principles whatsoever.

And what of those other staunch Eurosceptic candidates who are not Tory or Labour candidates? Will UKIP be standing aside for Niall Warry, Paul Wesson or Nick Griffin?

To stand aside in an electoral contest for a party that would never in a million years contemplate giving similar treatment to UKIP is an act of sheer folly.

Cameron refused to give us a referendum on Lisbon. Tory candidates can proclaim their anti-EU views from now until the General Election and beyond. But the simple fact is that the Tory party has made its position on the EU quite clear - it is PRO-EU!

Will Cameron and his candidates be swayed by Pearson's stupid policy? No.

And will a Eurosceptic Labour PPC refuse to stand in a seat that UKIP is contesting because of Pearson’s action? No.

Pearson has made both himself and UKIP look extremely foolish. It has also confirmed what many of us have known for years - UKIP is a Tory pressure group.

Which brings to this amusing poem by ‘Remington Steele. Taken from the British Democracy Forum:

Yours is not to do or die,
But only to be united by the old school tie,
Lord Pearson takes over in all his glory,
To help his old school allies, who happen to be Tory!
So when it comes down to making my selection,
UKIP will not have my vote in this General Election,
Whilst Tory, Labour and Liberal are quite lame,
That horrid old Pearson promises us more of the same!

End of poem.


Watch this space!

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