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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

UKIP: Nigel Farage & How to Avoid Tax with an Isle of Man Bank Account

We do wish that Nigel would stop procrastinating and finally come clean about the following:

His MEP expenses, the missing Ashford money, the £200K that 'vanished' from UKIP's South East accounts and the exact purpose of 'Farage Ltd.'

And what about your off-shore 'Trust fund' in the Isle of Man? What is that for? Tax avoidance scams? Surely not money laundering?

Perhaps we should ask Dick Horsnell or Don Ransome? We seem to recall that Dick once stood as a UKIP PPC in Boston. Don was his election agent.

Dick now lives on the Isle of Man. What a coincidence! Nigel went over there the other year. He said that he was on a 'speaking engagement'. It was rather strange that no record could be found of where Farage spoke.

The Isle of Man is used by individuals and companies across the world as a financial centre. With its policy of low taxation, and its banks renowned for customer privacy, the Isle of Man has long been used as a tax haven by individuals and businesses. While it is increasingly difficult to avoid taxes through offshore banking, it is still possible on the Isle of Man.


Nigel, your campaign in Buckingham will certainly suffer if you don't come clean. Questions are already being asked about your integrity. We can assure you of that!

Take our advice and get this burden off of your shoulders. Confession is really good for the soul!

One of Nigel's opponents in Bucks has already been raising a few interesting questions:

Why UKIP is no alternative

Hardly a day goes by without the MP for the Buckingham constituency, John Bercow, facing fresh revelations about his expenses claims.

But in case anyone thinks UKIP offers a real alternative, they don’t!

UKIP MEP Nigel Farage has been accused of claiming a staggering TWO MILLION POUNDS in expenses from the European Parliament on top of his annual £64,000 salary.

Mr Farage admitted to the Foreign Press Association that “It is a vast sum” and added that he had used the “very large sum of taxpayers’ money” to help promote his party’s message… at taxpayers’ expense.

When challenged by The Observer newspaper to justify how he could claim so much while running a campaign attacking Westminster MPs for their own extravagance, Mr Farage was unapologetic, saying that he was “entirely happy” that the taxpayers’ money “had been used for the best of causes“.

Mr Farage, who employs his wife to help run his office and pays her from his allowances, has since been accused of hypocrisy.

Former Europe Minister Denis MacShane has said, “Nigel Farage’s astounding £2m raid on the taxpayer shows he is up there with any other politician, happy to line his pockets with gold“.

Meanwhile two former UKIP MEPs have been jailed for false accounting, money-laundering of EU expenses, and benefit fraud while another UKIP MEP has quit the eurosceptic group in the European Parliament stating, in her resignation letter, that, “My working relationship and trust with EPD co-president Nigel Farage has broken down“.

To view the original: LINK

Nigel, we did warn you! It was a foregone conclusion that another candidate would expose your sickening hypocrisy after you said that you were standing as an anti-sleaze candidate.

For Farage to stand as anti-sleaze is about as convincing as Stalin posing as a champion of democracy!


N.B.SALAMI said...

Get rid of the leadership of UKIP and the BNP,(too many skeletons) merge the two,and give the liblabcon the kicking they so richly deserve

Greg L-W. said...


the only hope for both parties is to remove the leadership team start at the head and cut away the rotten parasitic part.

Then the BNP must utterly renounce its links with the white supremacist extremists and neo Nazis in America from whom they drew so much, renounce their anti Jewish stance and consider the future.

UKIP clearly has to renounce its association with extremists, racists, xenophobes and the anti Jewish advocates of violence they see themselves most like in the EU and quit the Pan EU Political Party EFD grouping which is largely unashamedly pro EU membership.

Then the BNP & EUkip can amalgamate as they have so much in common - an underlying dishonesty, a fear of immigrants a faux christianity and the morality of alley cats scrapping in a gutter.

A marriage made in ambition and venality.

Greg L-W.