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Monday, 15 March 2010

UKIP: Nigel Farage, Mike Nattrass & the second pension fund

You may recall that Nigel Farage was at the centre of a second EU pension fund scandal.


He recently claimed that he has now rejected it. In an interview with Andy Carling of New Europe he said:

"I was in it, but I'm not in it now. I left last year"

He also claimed that he didn't know what the current status of the pension fund is.

Sources tell us that his statement is correct.

It is interesting to note that Farage ‘forgot’ to explain to Mr Carling why he had decided to sign up for it in the first place. He also failed to explain why he had kept it secret from UKIPPERS or the public.

Would a man who supposedly wants to leave the EU take personal financial advantage of a system that he claims to hate? Would a man who supposedly hates the EU line his own pockets at the British taxpayers' expense? The answer is YES he bloody well would!

Farage also neglected to mention that he only pulled out of the fund after the details started to trickle out to the media.

When will Farage learn that paying money back or pulling out of something after you have been exposed by the media as a hypocrite does not make it right! Where have we heard that one before?

And now to Mike.....

Mike Nattrass also signed up to a second EU pension fund.

In July 2009 he told Bruno Waterfield, Brussels correspondent, of the Telegraph:

"I take no MEP pension as I resigned from it but I did sign up to the extra pension scheme and tried to resign from that also. With UKIP I voted against further pension increases or support".

D'OH! So why did you sign up to it and then later try to resign from it? Did you get confused about what you were doing?

Come off it, Mike. Farage left it. So can you. Don’t take us for idiots!

And in an email dated 30/9/2006 he said:

“I will not receive an EU pension, when I leave the Parliament, because I have rejected it”.

Mike, there is not much point rejecting one pension if you are then going to take the second one! Carry on like that and some of us may even start to think that you are a bit of a hypocrite!

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