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Monday, 8 March 2010

UKIP: More on Frank ‘Baloney’ Maloney

Over the last few days Frank has had a few hard knocks.

First he upsets Nigel Farage after putting this subversive stuff on his website:


First of all I would like to stress that Nigel Farage normally does a first class job in the European parliament but his latest outburst has not done him or UKIP any favours.

I believe the message he is trying to get across is the correct one but I can't condone his personal attack on the European president. His playground name calling was unprofessional and totally unnecessary, especially as he tried to label him a fool and a low paid working bank clerk, which is unjustified.

Though a growing number of the UK’s electorate want to see the end of the European Parliament, and disagree with the appointment of the unelected president, name calling like this is in poor taste, especially to label a man in a certain category.

Like myself, there are many genuine working class UKIP members standing for Parliament, and optimistic of getting more votes than ever this year. I fear that his comments may make people think we are ‘little Englanders’ and that just isn’t the case.

Political parties are always made up of different people with different opinions, that is the beauty of freedom of speech. Although I don’t condone Nigel Farage’s comments, I am delighted that UKIP is a party that treats freedom of speech with the respect it deserves.

Since becoming the leader last year, I believe Malcolm Pearson has bought more vision and energy to UKIP and has led the us away from being seen as a one issue party by the British public.

To see the original: LINK

Frank needs to learn a few basic facts about UKIP. It is not a good idea to criticise Nigel if you want to get ahead in the Nigel Party. Many have and all have paid the price for their folly. In UKIP the Fuhrer is ALWAYS right!

And if that was not bad enough......

Boxing promoter Frank Warren's relationship with Frank Maloney has deteriorated to such an extent that Warren has issued a High Court writ for libel and slander against his former colleague.

The damages claim follows Maloney's comments after his fighter Lee Haskins had easily outpointed Warren's Don Broadhurst in their British and Commonwealth super flyweight title fight in Newport last December. The quotes later appeared on the Sky Sports website.

Maloney said: 'This was a mandatory fight and Broadhurst clearly wasn't ready for the championship level and his people should have known better. Beating a few Africans doesn't mean you are ready for an accomplished British title fighter like Haskins.'

Warren is claiming that Maloney's comments suggested that Commonwealth gold medallist Broadhurst, trained by ex-world champion Richie Woodhall and with 11 wins behind him, had not been prepared properly for a fight sanctioned by the British Boxing Board of Control.

Maloney, who will be contesting the Barking seat for UKIP against BNP leader Nick Griffin at the General Election, said: 'I'm very surprised about this writ, which will be defended.'

To see the original: LINK

Not a good week for our Frank.

And he still can't spell Britain!

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