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Saturday, 6 March 2010

UKIP: More madness from the office of Nigel Farage

If any further proof were needed that UKIP's Brussels delegation has descended into total insanity, then the following must surely be the final nail in the coffin.

The final paragraph must be libellous; it suggests that senior politicians are having serious crimes "concealed from the public". These are the rantings of a total lunatic.

We can confirm that the offices of the politicians concerned have been notified of this posting. We wonder if "insanity" is a form of defence in libel actions?

We will keep you posted on any developments!

"Dear Vikt

Thank you for writing to Nigel Farage about preventing persons, who have ever been convicted of a crime, from becoming members of the EU’s consultative assembly.

UKIP’s position is that the EU is delivering fatal injury to democracy, and that its toothless, pseudo-democratic assembly adds insult and deception to that injury.

In other words, the EU is a criminal organisation and its assembly is a criminal confidence-trick. Anyone who supports the EU is thus either committing, or - knowingly or unknowingly - abetting, a crime. Any other crimes, which such people may have committed, are irrelevant and insignificant compared to their participation in the EU-conspiracy to deprive people of their democratic rights.

Moreover, we do not believe that this criminal organisation can be reformed. Abolition is the only solution.

Nevertheless, pointing out that such people as Trichet, Barrot, Mandelson and Kallas, for example, have all been convicted of fraud, involving very large amounts of money, and that these convictions have been concealed from the public in various ways, is of value to the cause of abolition, because it indicates what kind of people control the EU and how they are maintained in office.

Yours sincerely

Andrew S. Reed
Office of Nigel Farage, Brussels"

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