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Monday, 22 March 2010

UKIP slogans & why Dan Hannan now says don't vote UKIP

The chickens are coming home to roost. UKIP MEPs often felt a bit left out when they realised that Farage preferred dining and plotting with his Tory chums in Brussels and Strasbourg than with them.

Now, with a general election looking, his "chums" are showing their true faces. That little Tory pipsqueak Dan Hannan - possibly the most irritating man in politics - has advised against voting for UKIP, in a blog posting that has received considerable media coverage. Hannan describes a UKIP vote as a "wasted" vote.

'There are only two possible Prime Ministers: David Cameron and Gordon Brown. Voting UKIP in a place like Seaford means boosting the prospects of its Euro-fanatical LibDem MP, Norman Baker, who reneged on his promise of a referendum, and who argues that the EU “is central to the UK’s economic prosperity”. Voting UKIP, in Seaford as in many other constituencies, means putting a federalist into parliament. It risks prolonging the tenure of this incompetent, wastrel, cowardly Labour regime.

"Readers of this blog know that David Cameron and I don’t agree about European integration. I want an in-or-out referendum, and returned to the backbenches to campaign for one. But David Cameron will be a million times better than Gordon Brown as Prime Minister.

"To repeat: Labour has introduced 111 tax rises since 1997, taken a trillion pounds in additional taxation, and still left us with a Greek-level deficit: 12.6 per cent of GDP and rising. Of every four pounds Gordon Brown spends, one is borrowed. Our national debt is rising by nearly £6,000 a second. We can’t afford another five weeks of this, let alone another five years.

"What I’d ideally like – and what I assume my UKIP readers also aspire to – is a situation where UKIP no longer needs to exist: where it can award itself a medal and retire with honour, job done. Obviously, we’re not at that point yet. But I worry that every activist who deserts the Tories for UKIP is retarding the prospects of a Euro-sceptic Conservative Party without taking his or her energies to an alternative party of government."

To see the Original: LINK

Now even that most charming and decent of Tories, Roger Helmer, has lost his patience with the Farage Party, and has complained that UKIP has lifted his "Straight Talking" slogan - one he has used for 10 years.

Sorry Roger. A competition was held in UKIP's Brussels offices to come up with a suitable slogan, and we are pleased to publish the 5 shortlisted offerings.

1. Death to the EU Soviet and its Bilderberger paymasters.

2. Fight to the last testicle against the Soviet EUnion.

3. Stop the Jewish Bankers - Expose Climate Change as a Communist Plot.

4. Vote UKIP - and this time next year we'll all be millionaires.

5. Let's just nick Roger Helmer's Straight Talking slogan.

So as you can see, once everybody sobered up and Derek Clark went back to sleep at his desk, common sense prevailed.

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