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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

UKIP in turmoil: Stuart Wheeler says “Why am I giving these people money?”

UKIP is in turmoil following the NEC's decision to remove Nikki Sinclaire as a UKIP MEP.

Stuart Wheeler is less than impressed with the way that the whole thing has been handled by Farage and the NEC.

It is no surprise to hear that he is beginning to question the wisdom of funding Farage’s campaign against Bercow.

UKIP is very reliant on Wheeler for funding. If he decided to withdrawal his support UKIP would be unable to mount an affective GE campaign.

Farage's insistance that Sinclaire should go may yet cost him dear!

Several UKIP MEPs are said to be ‘disgusted’ with Farage’s vendetta against Sinclaire. One is already threatening to quit the EFD and sit with Nikki.

Many ordinary members are also said to be disgusted with the way she has been treated. Many are now threatening to resign from the Party. UKIP West Midlands could very well collapse.

Lord Pearson has also come in for much criticism. He is now regarded by many as a man who cannot be trusted to keep his word. Many UKIPPERS have said that he should resign in shame.

He had promised Ms Sinclaire that her decision to leave the EFD would not affect her position as a UKIP MEP. He failed to keep that promise.

Nikki has now had her details removed from UKIP’s official website. She is said to be considering legal action against the Party.

UKIP’s leadership has yet to make any official comment. It appears that they are quite content for Junius and GLW to make any announcements on their behalf!

Anthony Butcher - a former member of UKIP’s NEC - has made some very interesting comments about UKIP on the British Democracy Forum. These comments are worth repeating in full:

UKIP aiming to be the nasty party?

It has been noted many times before that the leadership in UKIP engages in propaganda warfare against its own members when they fall out of favour.

Long time members here will recall the press officers caught red handed attacking Richard Suchorzewski as being a BNP plant, gay etc and this treatment being endorsed by Farage. However, I don't think that we have witnessed this kind of nastiness happening on the web before where it is so visible.

It is of course no coincidence that just days before Nikki Sinclaire was removed from the party, the forum had a barrage of anti-Nikki comments and threads attacking her. For anyone who was in any doubt before, I think that recent events have proved, beyond any doubt, that the leadership will attack anyone in the party, in most unpleasant ways, that it sees as opposition.

Whatever hopes we may have had from Lord Pearson providing a strong leader and a new style of leadership have evaporated. He has shown himself to be feeble under pressure, unwilling to stand up to the real party leader and happy to allow this kind of nastiness in his party.

Combined with Farage's unnecessarily personal attacks on the EU President and its push towards a more anti-Muslim agenda one has to ask: are they very deliberately branding themselves as the 'nasty party'?

I also don't understand how and why UKIP continues on this self destructive course. Having been given a second chance last June, why are they screwing it up all over again?

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Charlieboy said...

Enjoy reading the musings of Junius on UKIP.
Agree entirely with your summation - all thats going to happen is Farage will make a martyr out of Ms Sinclaire, and I'm sure there'll be enough individuals within UKIP to donate enough funding for her to stand as an Independant. I've gone right off Farage now.He's only interested in number one. Perhaps the whole idea to begin with was to have UKIP as a reservoir in which to place all the right-of-centre Tory old-guard so they would'nt do anything silly like vote for the BNP.
I reckon a deal's been done for Farage to take the Bucks seat.
Having said that, I hope he, and other UKIP PPC's win seats at the GE and also BNP as well. My reason is simple. There needs to be as many non-LibLabCon winners as possible in May (or maybe April)to show the three main parties that we the people are fed up with the same old-same old. It would shake the rafters in establishment-land if this were to happen. I'm no historian when it comes to Parliamentary knowledge, but perhaps Junius or colleagues could tell me when it was that people from parties other than the main three won seats at a General Election, excluding Independents. I've a feeling it's never happened before.
The three main parties are joined at the hip and will not take us out of that marxist superstate across the water, and it's about time the vast silent majority in this country showed them that we're not amused.

John Page said...

Anthony Butcher's no fool. He knows the answers to his rhetorical questions perfectly well - he's just tempting the toadies to try to come up with half plausible answers.

It's a tragedy that the noble anti-EU cause has been hijacked by the greed of MEP clique. Bluntly, they owe their places on the NEC to the blind stupidity of much of the party's membership. From that position the clique can repel anyone who might challenge their dominance - that is, anyone with more brains and integrity than them.

It's a long list, so they have to keep iron control. And they do.

Junius said...

In 1924 Shapurji Saklatvala was elected as a Communist MP, in Battersea North.

Galloway was elected as a Respect MP in the last GE.

Junius said...
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Junius said...

UKIP is the Farage Party. His word is law.

The MEPs and the membership are to blame for this sorry business.

They lack the guts to take action.
We are sick and tired of certain UKIP MEPs complaining about Farage but refusing to do anything about him.

Trevor Colman is one of those who lacks a backbone.