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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

UKIP: The Earl of Dartmouth and the uncut video UKIP would rather you did not see!

A couple of days ago we mentioned that the Earl of Dartmouth had made an ass of himself in the EU Parliament. He does that a lot! See: LINK

We were rather surprised at the response to our article. More than one UKIPPER has claimed that we had made the whole thing up. One indignant UKIPPER even went as far to say that Dartmouth had 'remained calm' throughout his speech.

OH, REALLY? We think not.

Here is the link to his uncut speech: Dartmouth. Click on it and then scroll down to William’s name. Then click on his name and enjoy. 'Calm' he was certainly not!

We are not surprised that UKIP’s official website edited the speech. Would you want people to see one of your MEPs acting like a ranting fool?

It is not clever and it does absolutely nothing to further our cause - getting Britain out of the EU. And don't forget to have a look at John Bufton who is sitting behind Dartmouth. His face is a picture!

Here is the link to the edited speech: Dartmouth. Scroll down to the video entitled 'Baroness Ashton and the CND Connection'.

We understand that after his rant, in an attempt to calm himself, he had a lie down and watched a David Bannerman speech. Within minutes he was sleeping like a baby! Andrew Edwards has kindly supplied us with a photo of the historic event.


joe said...

Outrageous, people elected that guy and the EU won't let him speak. They are blatently being denied their representation. What kind of parliament is this?

Greg L-W. said...


no one elected William Dartmouth to have temper tantrums like a spoilt 3 year old.

The assembly rules will not be changes, just as the EU rules will not be changed by joining in their corruption, demeaning yourself by being rude to them - those are the politics of the fool - the way to make change and leave is to act with dignity, gravitas and factually out manoeuver them but EUkop has no vision, no strategy, no tactics and is leaderless.

No one in EUkip trusts anyone else why would anyone trust them?

Greg L-W.