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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Discontent with Farage's UKIP increases.

The following three letters/emails clearly illustrate the widespread discontent felt by many UKIPPERS over the failure of UKIP's leadership and their treatment of Nikki Sinclaire:

From: loveengland1@gmail.com

To: pagecorbridge@yahoo.com;

CC: stan.parr@btinternet.com

There has already been a plethora of comments made about 'Nikkigate' and Farage's part therein, but head and shoulders above all other things, this saga, yet again, remind us how utterly foul, nasty, uncooth, unprincipled, treacherous, self-interested, immoral and vicious Nigel Farage is.

Whatever one might think about Sinclair, she has at least put her hand in her pocket to place funds with the party; she even asked Farage to remain as leader because of the lack of alternative (the letter was widely circulated); she also continues to support Farage in Buckingham and much else too.

Doesn't this tell us that Farage harbours a grudge against Sinclair - whether she is sex-changed or not - and is incapable of any personal loyalty whatsoever - to anyone - ask his wife!

How many Labour and Tory MPs have abused their positions in terms of their financial affairs!

Sinclair has not cheated the taxpayer but Farage?????????

Given that he will not come clean on his vast expenses that he has constantly refused to publish, despite making a promise to do so.

Quite apart from the monies (£100'000's) that have disappeared in his SE Region, one might well ask him, outright, has he stolen the funds. For if not, where are they?

Why the reluctance to honour his own publicly given pledge?

And at least Sinclair has left the EDF group, showing more courage than people like Nuttall and Farage who openly condemn the BNP but then court worse extremists in the EDF, not just for money, though that is important to Nigel, but also because they are not competing with Farage.

Who, in the above light, is more principled - Sinclair or Farage?!

Seriously people, think about that question, and if you come down on the side of Nikki Sinclair, urge your own UKIP MEP to follow Sinclair's example and remove themselves from the EFD!

Best regards


End of email.

Grassroots Public Education campaigning (despite the phony UKIP leadership)

Hello UKIP Activists, and Anyone still interested at this late date in trying to save British Independence and Democracy from an EU police state,

Years ago it was plain that the UKIP leadership and the UKIP activists were opponents, although the trusting nature of the activists obscured the fact.

Years ago it was plain that the UKIP leadership was self-serving and secretly colluding with pro-EU forces.

Years ago it was evident that the political system was bought-and-paid-for by the corporate cartels that dominate both the EU and Britain.

Years ago it was plain that the British people didn't like what was happening but were fundamentally ignorant about the EU and their own political system, hence politically passive.

Years ago a newspaper journalist interviewed British university students who generally admitted that they could sense that the EU was an evil force, but admitted to factual ignorance about its character,.and so took no action of any kind.

{One may deduce from the last two statements how much POTENTIAL there has always been to mobilize the populace to save Britain !!}

Years ago it was plain that the only way to save British Independence and Democracy from a corporate-cartel-driven EU police state, was to EDUCATE & POLITICALLY ACTIVATE the BRITISH PEOPLE on this vital subject. And to do it via grassroots public education techniques -- leaflets and talk, getting especially to UNIVERSITY STUDENTS [no rescue mission can succeed without university students], going DOOR-to-DOOR [behind those doors sits the General Public, a prey to television propaganda if you don't get to them there] and TELEPHONING.

Years ago it was plain that the UKIP leadership was determined to stop its activists from waging public education campaigns that would effectively educate and activate the British people.

Their real song has typically been: Every so many years just vote some of us into office so we can play the bigshot in Brussels and have a share of the spoils that the EU treats us to there.

And years ago it was obvious that UKIP activists, although well-meaning, were lacking in initiative and basically gutless to do anything unauthorised by the UKIP leadership.

Well, activists, are you still the same? Or does the EU Iron Heel appear imminent enough for you to finally wage that grassroots public education campaign to educate and politically activate the General Public -- in spite of the UKIP leadership?

If you truly wish to know precisely how to go about it, then gather a few of your ranks together and write me. I'll spell out the same things to you that I did to the UKIP leadership and individual activists five years ago. 5 lost years!! And send over a MODEL LEAFLET that doesn't mince words and has, I think, a pretty good graphic

Mike Stagman

P.S. But don't write if you're not serious.

End of letter. Mr Stagman was a long-standing supporter of UKIP.

Open letter to Lord Pearson.

Below is an open letter I've sent to Lord Pearson after reading on Junius and GLW's blogs that UKIPers have been asking who they should write to about the situation of civil war in UKIP.

*The letter to which I refer was published on this forum (British Democracy Forum) 2 weeks ago under the heading - "Why I will not be renewing my UKIP membership in February." (Junius says: The letter can be found here: LINK)

26th January 2010

Dear Lord Pearson,

Please find attached a letter* which sets out why I will NOT be renewing my UKIP membership in February.

After your election as Leader I did not need to wait long to realise that you unfortunately have NO understanding of UKIPs corrupt history nor the damage Nigel has done to the party for his own gains.

Please take it from me that if you do not want to go down as the UKIP leader who presided over its collapse you need to get a grip of Nigel and start exercising some old fashion leadership by example.

However UKIP has built up such a body of distrust amongst many of its members and supporters that I fear it may be beyond repair.

This is an open letter to you that I intend to publish on the Democracy Forum.

Yours sincerely

Niall Warry.

End of letter. Niall Warry was UKIP's Birmingham office manager.

Also see: LINK

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