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Saturday, 30 January 2010

More UKIP snippets: The pressure starts to get to Nigel Farage & yet another UKIPPER resigns

The pressure gets to Nigel Farage

More than one person has commentated on how haggard Farage now looks. His hair is streaked with grey, he walks with a stoop and he has lost a lot of his arrogance. He appears to have aged 20 years in the last few weeks.

After leaving the EU Parliament he is now more likely to go straight back to his flat rather than head for a long drinking session at O’Farrells.

The Nikkigate affair, threatened legal action over her expulsion , OLAF investigations, marriage problems, resignations, infighting, the Elcom court case and subsequent fine, UKIP’s poor showing in the polls, being forced to stand down as leader, spats with fellow MEPs and the collapse of various branches are all taking their toll on our Nigel.

He is also worried about Monday’s NEC meeting and the possibility that he may be forced to allow Nikki backed into the UKIP fold. If this happens his position in UKIP would become untenable as he was the driving force behind her expulsion.

Our collective hearts weep for him.

Another UKIPPER resigns

UKIP’s desperate attempts to steal the BNP’s clothes has driven yet another UKIPPER into the arms of another party.

Mr Alex Ellis-Roswell's resignation from UKIP is another blow for UKIP’s failing youth section. ‘Young Independence’ has LESS than a hundred members. This is despite Lisa Duffy’s boast that by the end of 2008 the organisation would have hundreds of new members and branches in dozens of universities and colleges. See: LINK

Yet despite this failure to deliver she was later promoted to Party Director and given a huge salary!

UKIP is the only party to reward incompetence with a promotion. But as she is a well known Farage/Bannerman supporter none of us should be too surprised. She is simply getting her just reward for supporting their dishonesty and corruption and for always voting the 'Farage way' on the NEC.

From the Kent News:

A young politician who quit the UK Independence Party over its controversial ‘burka ban’ policy says the group is going the way of the far-right BNP.

Alex Ellis-Roswell, 16, from Canterbury, handed in his membership after UKIP leader Lord Pearson said the veils worn by some Muslim women should be outlawed to help improve British security and to avoid dividing communities.

Announcing his defection to the Libertarian Party this week, Ellis-Roswell – who is a prospective candidate for Canterbury City Council – said his former party was becoming increasingly Islamophobic.

He said: “I joined UKIP about a year ago because I believed they were the only Eurosceptic libertarian party out there and had the best chance of going places.

“But at the moment they seem to be going down the same route as the BNP.

“The burka ban was the last straw for me. I was quite ashamed and didn’t want people to know I was associated with the party so I went quiet for a while.

“It’s sad really because UKIP was starting to gain a lot of support, but then they went down the whole Islamophobia route and I don’t think it will stop at attempting to ban the burka.

“It’s a no-win situation to start acting like the BNP.”

Lord Pearson’s comments regarding the burka were echoed last week by his predecessor and current Kent MEP Nigel Farage.

The Bromley resident told KOS Media he thought banning the veil was no different to asking people not to wear motorcycle helmets in banks, or hoodies at Bluewater shopping centre.

Responding to Ellis-Roswell’s decision to quit the party, Mr Farage admitted his and Lord Pearson’s comments had upset some members.

He said: “I can see how the burka ban might upset some people, but if you look closely we weren’t saying stop people wearing them in the street.

“What we were saying was that if you’re in an airport or on a train, then modern security laws say you have to show your face.

“I’m sorry if Alex is upset, but he shouldn’t confuse that with us going the way of the BNP, because we are not and we never will be.

“But we’ve also had lots of people getting in touch with us – including serving ministers – saying at last someone is getting back to Christian values in this country.”

Ellis-Roswell, who has been home-schooled for the last two years said he was en route to becoming UKIP’s Canterbury branch secretary before deciding to quit the party.

Should he win a seat at next year’s local elections he would become the UK’s youngest city councillor ever aged just 18 years and six weeks.

End of article. To see the original: LINK

Also see: LINK

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