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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

UKIP: The knives are out for Nikki Sinclaire

It has been a busy time!

You may be aware that Nikki's UK office was raided following her resignation from the EFD. Nikki's office is rented from Mike Nattrass.

Derek Bennett was the guilty man. Illegal entry was gained after intimidating an employee. Various documents and files were removed.

The papers were later returned and Bennett apologised to Ms Sinclaire for what had happened. He should do more than apologise. He should resign from the party in shame for agreeing to carry out such a disgraceful act!

The raid was carried out on the instructions of Christopher Gill. Mr Gill is not the sharpest knife in the box and lacks the intelligence, incentive or the guts to do this on his own. If you doubt our words then just ask his former Tory colleagues!

Gill was acting on the instructions of another. And the guilty man? Just ask Nigel!

Sadly, Mr Gill did not have the brains to realise that he would have to take the flak when details of the raid became public. Nigel always gets others to do his dirty work. Patsy would be another way of putting it!

Gill is just another example of the filth that Farage loves to have hanging around him. Gill was heavily involved in the rigging of UKIP's MEP selection process and also supported the expulsion of democratically elected members from UKIP's NEC. Their only crime was to raise concerns about corruption in the party. Such is his integrity!

And so will Lord Pearson take action against Bennett, Gill and Farage for their criminal actions? Let us not forget that Pearson approved Nikki's decision to leave the EFD.

If Pearson fails to take action against them he should resign at the earliest opportunity!

Here is a report from The Press Association:

Ukip MEP quits eurosceptic group

UK Independence Party MEP Nikki Sinclaire is quitting the eurosceptic group her Ukip colleagues have joined in the European Parliament - citing the breakdown of her relationship with former Ukip leader Nigel Farage.

A resignation letter on her website also attacks the "variety of extremist views" of other right-wing parties in the Europe of Freedom and Democracy grouping - including "anti-Semitism, violence and the espousal of a single European policy on immigration".

The EFD group was formed in Strasbourg after last summer's euro-elections, in which Nikki Sinclaire was one of 13 Ukip members who held or won seats.

Since then Mr Farage has stepped down from the party leadership to concentrate on fighting John Bercow's Buckingham seat in the forthcoming general election, hoping to become Ukip's first Westminster MP. Meanwhile, he remains an MEP and leader of Ukip's members in Strasbourg.

Ms Sinclaire said she would still support Mr Farage in his Westminster bid, because of its importance to the party.

And she insists she has not left Ukip - just moved out of the EFD group, of which Ukip is one of nine national political parties, to sit with the so-called "non-attached" MEPs who have joined no particular grouping.

Her letter says she will leave the EFD on January 18: "I have decided to move to this non-attached group as I have found it increasingly difficult to justify sitting alongside one or two of the European parties within the EFD group who have a variety of extremist views which includes anti-Semitism, violence and the espousal of a single European policy on immigration."

She names in particular Liga Nord, the right-wing party which is part of the Italian governing coalition. Liga Nord and Ukip are the two biggest factions in the EFD and hold the EFD presidency jointly.

On Mr Farage, Ms Sinclaire's letter says: "My working relationship and trust with EFD co-president, Nigel Farage has broken down since his personal admittance to me recently that he wished I had not been elected. The comment 'I wish I had only 12 not 13 MEPs' was made to many people in the aftermath of the European elections. I have found this personal animosity difficult to work with."

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