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Thursday, 14 January 2010

UKIP: Will no one rid us of these turbulent egotists?

And so the Duce speaks! The odious Nuttall - UKIP's very own Mussolini - once again shows his TOTAL contempt for all those UKIPPERS who have supported Nikki's decision to leave the racist EFD group. A truly disgusting man.

Thursday, 14th January 2010

The following statement has been released today by the UKIP's Paul Nuttall, Chairman of the National Executive Committee.

Dear Members,

The National Executive Committee of the UK Independence Party is saddened and disappointed at the news that Nikki Sinclaire MEP has chosen to leave UKIP's group in the European Parliament. UKIP leads the 31-strong 'Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group', which is the only true Eurosceptic grouping in the European Parliament.

All UKIP candidates signed a declaration that they would agree to join the Group, and pool our resources in order to continue our fight against the European Union. Nikki Sinclaire has dishonoured that pledge. In a separate breach of party discipline, Ms. Sinclaire also failed to declare other relevant issues to the interview panel when she was selected as a UKIP candidate.

As a consequence of these actions, the National Executive Committee took the decision on 11 January 2010 that Ms. Sinclaire will not be permitted to stand as a UKIP candidate at future elections.

Yours, Paul Nuttall UKIP NEC Chairman

End of statement.

So UKIP loses a hardworking MEP, thousands in income and donations, several members of staff and the loyalty of many members just in order to satisfy Farage's desire for revenge against someone who had the guts to say no to his dictatorship! How ironic that the only MEP in UKIP with balls at the moment is a woman!

Lord Pearson has expressed some surprise at the NEC's decision.

So why the HELL weren't you there to defend her decision to leave the EFD- a decision you approved after speaking to her in person! We know you have your OWN agenda but how much longer are you going to tolerate Farage ignoring you at EVERY opportunity?

When the HELL are you going to show some LEADERSHIP and deal with Farage and the rest of his sycophants!

Attempts to post comments supporting Nikki are immediately removed from UKIP's members only forum. Pearson does nothing.

Farage attacks Ms Sinclaire on The Daily Politics. In this disgusting interview he tries to link Nikki with the BNP, mentions her bankruptcy and predicts her expulsion from the party. Pearson does nothing.

This is what Farage said:

NF: If she thinks that she is going to be better off sitting next to Nick Griffin and various other people well that's her choice. (Junius says: So what about the Lega Nord, Nigel?)

AN: But she's still one of your MEPs isn't she? So...what are you going to do with her?

NF: Well, no, I think that the National Executive Council of UKIP are going to take some fairly tough action. I'm afraid that she stood for us as a candidate without declaring the fact that she had been declared bankrupt in 2005 and the NEC of the party take a pretty dim view about that.

AN: You seem to have quite a few troubles with your members don't you?

NF: We have had, yeah (Junius says: You bet! You've seen nothing yet! Nikki has more support than you can ever imagine!)

AN: I think that you lost 25% of your MEPs in some way in the last time. You've now lost another one.

NF: Well we've tried, we've tried to do what we can. We do full criminal record bureau checks on people. We are doing what we can to get good people, but you know the Conservatives have lost one already this parliament. These things happen. I'm not happy about it, but the important thing is that we get on... (Junius says: You knew about her bankruptcy before her selection as an MEP candidate. Funny how you didn't have a problem with it then!)

End of quotes.

Nikki's office is raided and private property is removed WITHOUT her permission. First the Farage clique deny it, then they admit it. Pearson does nothing.


It may interest you to know that material was leaked to this blog by one of Farage's associates. The material concerned Nikki's bankruptcy. We declined to publish it as it was a non-story. Farage's associate was quite disappointed!

It may also you to know that Marta Andreasen publically confronted Ms Sinclaire over something to do with her office. As her English - also known as Spanglish- is so bad no one was able to to understand what she was so upset about!

Here is a promise - Farage will reap the whirlwind for what he has done to Nikki, UKIP and the Euro-realist cause!

Nikki Sinclaire will be on the Daily Politics - Friday, BBC2 at 12.00. WORTH A WATCH!


Anonymous said...

So! What next? Having received a statement from the NEC regarding it's "Stitch up" of Nikki Sinclaire , Do we move on regardless? "Well you know she was never one of us" is what they seem to be saying. I thought wistle blowing was to be commended these day's.. At the very least there should be an investigation into her allegations. We all know that there won't be. "It will hurt the party". How can being honest and transparent hurt a party that has nothing to hide?
It is quite clear that Nikki is committed to the party. You don't spend 16 years of your life working for it if your not. Nor do you donate part of your salary either.. So WHAT has she discovered that has made her risk damaging the party she loves.. I suggest that only Mr Farage and his "Lackey's" know the answer to that.. But one thing you can be sure of. It will have something to do with
(a) Money (b) position (c) power
We all know that politics is a dirty game.. It all depends on how low you are prepared to go.
Maybe Ms Sinclaire has said "This far, and no further" while others in the party have disabled their conscience. The truth is that the rank and file members who work their socks off for the party don't deserve to patronized by those who have sacrificed principles for advancement..

And the Losers? Why,as always The British Pubilc..

Junius said...

We couldn't agree more!

Greg_L-W. said...


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EUkip are a part of the problem and have no place in the solution getting Britain OUT of the EU - which is not about One Man Bands, Ego and the enrichment of Farage and his pro EU fan club!

Greg L-W.