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Thursday, 21 January 2010

UKIP: Nikki Sinclaire on the reasons why UKIP should leave the EFD

Nikki Sinclaire's formal resignation from the EFD was announced in the EU Parliament on Monday.

Several of Nikki's UKIP MEP colleagues privately agree with her decision to leave the EFD but sadly lack the courage to follow suit at the present time.

One MEP has vowed to leave the EFD but ONLY after the General Election. And his reason for waiting? He is convinced that he can win a seat in Westminster but fears that Farage will block his attempt to stand in the GE if he leaves the EFD now.

Another is 'waiting on events'. COWARDS!

From her website:

Why UKIP should leave the Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) Group

The Case for withdrawal

1. UKIP MEPs were elected to represent UKIP and to pursue the argument for EU withdrawal

We stood for election on a platform of principle and clarity. We were elected as UKIP and to fight for withdrawal from the EU. We should stay true to that. We were not elected to join to support the Parliament's agenda and certainly not to work alongside those against withdrawal. You elected UKIP but have got EFD.

2. By sitting with MEPs who are against withdrawal we are compromising our case

In the eyes of the European Parliament and many observers we are seen as EFD and not UKIP. Yet all EFD members, except UKIP, are working hard to make the EU better. They do not want withdrawal. They would not allow the word ‘withdrawal’ or 'independence' to be used in the Group’s mission statement. We are therefore part of a coalition that waters down and even contradicts our original position. We compromise both our principles and our action.

3. EFD helps the EU to work; we should not be doing that

Few people in UKIP understand the extent to which the Party has been subsumed within the group. EFD wants to make the European Parliament stronger. It wants the EU to work better. It argues for constructive reform. On a day-to-day basis it often supports the introduction of directives and policies to expand EU power. The Co-presidents,Lega Nord, call for a single European policy on immigration. UKIP should be on the opposite side – arguing against reform and for abolition.

4. EFD includes some very strange bedfellows

The group contains parties who have a variety of extremist views which includes racism, anti-Semitism and violence. One of these parties, Lega Nord was removed from the last EU group to which UKIP belonged, Indpendence & Democracy (Ind Dem), because of their extremist views. Despite this history, they are now Co-Presidents ofEFD and hold the power of veto on Nigel Farage.

Political Editor and commentator, Seamus Milne, on the Politics Show (16th January 2010) described Lega Nord as "vicious" and said that we “were in bed with some very ugly people.”

In a BBC interview, Nikki Sinclaire MEP and Mike Nattrass MEP were asked, if UKIP was not a racist party why we were linked up to parties like Lega Nord who advocated shooting and sinking ships full of immigrants and also called African immigrants ‘ Bingo Bongos’? A Lega Nord member was convicted of setting alight an immigrant's belongings, endangering their life.

5. EFD compromises our position both in Brussels and in Britain

UKIP has to water down its words and tactics in Brussels so as not to upset other members of EFD who take the reformist, anti-withdrawal line. And EFD will only back UKIP in Britain when UKIP promotes arguments that fall short of outright withdrawal. Leading Economics Professor, Tim Congdon stated in late 2009 that he was very disappointed to see the extent to which UKIP MEPs "had been 'captured' in the sense of not seeing that their job was in Britain, not in Brussels or Strasbourg." UKIP leader, Lord Pearson also recently stated that "our role in Britain is what matters not the European Parliament."

6. It is a myth that we benefit financially from EFD membership

It is claimed that Group membership brings with it money for UKIP. This is completely false. First it would be illegal to pass this money to UKIP. It is for the use of EFD and very restrictive rules apply. Secondly the budget follows MEPs whatever group they are in. If one joins the non-aligned, the EU monies allocated are slightly less but at least you can be in charge of all your allocation. In some instances, there would be fewer restrictions. For example, the UKIP logo could be prominently used with the party and MEP's name. In the first six months of this parliament, the West Midlands' region has not received one penny from the EFD, yet both MEPs would have had over £40,000 to use in that period had they been non-aligned.

7. Being in EFD gets us more media coverage

Neither the public nor most journalists have ever heard of EFD. Our media coverage results from what UKIP, its MEPs and campaigners do and say. When Nigel appears on TV, it is as UKIP. It should also be noted that Tory MEP, Daniel Hannan received more press attention as a non-aligned member than Nigel Farage did when they both attacked Gordon Brown.

8. Because the EFD group is a precursor to a full Pan European political party

The current proposal on the table for UKIP MEPs in Brussels is for UKIP to join such a party to conform to the EU plan to entrench the federalist Euro-state:a President, a Foreign Secretary, Flag, Anthem, Police Force, Army, Parliament, MEPs and pan-European political parties. We should do as the electorate told us to do and SAY NO to European Union and to those apparata that help them to remove our sovereignty and our British identity.

To view the original: LINK Then click on EFD group tab.


Anonymous said...

I must say, this case is brilliantly argued for and I fully support Nikki Sinclaire's move.

Lately UKIP's been taking a very wrong turn, and I do hope they get their act straight as they're our only hope when it comes to leaving the EU morass.

Junius said...

With Farage still pulling ALL the strings there is little chance of that.

Greg_L-W. said...


considering the huge number of us who have so consistently supported the aims and values of UKIP yet who have renounced association with its leadership and its complete lack of ethics, morality and integrity it is clear that UKIP may well still have a great future leading Britain out of the EU.

I am sure that if EUkip in its continued corruption rejects Sinclaire as a PPC she would, with those who agree with her be most welcome as candidates and campaigners for the


I understand the details of the name are secured with the Electoral Commission and several candidates have already confirmed their participation.

I hear that further details will be available on the internet within a week or two.

It seems that with certain qualifications ANYONE can stand for the the Alliance as an Independent.

Not so much a Party as a way to reclaim the future, whether socialist, Tory, Liberal or Libertairian all with one thing in common a wish for self determination and better democratic principles in Britain having left the EU.

All a bit hear say at the moment but I'm sure Sinclaire would be welcome as would members of UKFirstParty or any other which wishes to work in an Alliance, Independently to Leave-the-EU.

Greg L-W.

Greg_L-W. said...


for more details of the EFD see:

If YOU have more factual data you are prepared to supply for posting please let me know.

Greg L-W.