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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Farage Sycophants 4 UKIP admit to lying about Nikki Sinclaire

This is what Bloggers 4 UKIP said earlier today:

Just like the Sweeny

A clarification on the "raid" on Nikki Sinclaire MEP's office:

The NEC asked an officer of the party to remove UKIP equipment from the office of Nikki Sinclaire believing it was jointly occupied with Mike Nattrass MEP. The officer in question visited the office, spoke to a member of staff, confirmed that nothing belonging to UKIP was present and left. Nothing was removed from the office.

I don't think this will be making the front page of Private Eye any time soon.

And this is what we said on this blog in response:

FACT: Material was removed by Derek Bennett.

Fact: Entry was gained after intimidating an employee.

FACT: Derek Bennett returned the material after failing to find any incriminating evidence.

FACT: He offered a full apology to Nikki for illegally removing her private property.

FACT: The NEC knew that her office was not jointly shared with Nattrass. And so did Bennett.

FACT: Bennett blamed Christopher Gill for ordering the raid.

FACT: Farage was behind it.

FACT: Bloggers 4 UKIP are lying.

Following this Bloggers 4 UKIP finally admit to lying in their earlier post:

Thursday, 14 January 2010

The facts are as follows:

1. Entry was made to Nikki Sinclaire's office on Tuesday morning by a party official.

2. An office junior was present who was distressed by the sudden, unannouced entry.

3. The party offical advised both Nikki and the office junior that they were acting on direct instructions of the NEC.

4. Items were removed from Nikki's office

5. The office junior telephoned Nikki's Brussels office to inform Nikki of the entry.

6. Nikki was not given any prior warning and no request was made to her to hand over any items of property.

6. Nikki made contact with the party official who had removed the items and they were then returned to the office.

End of statement. See: LINK

It is interesting to note that Douglas Denny - Farage sycophant, NEC member and walking tribute to Himmler - has claimed on the UKIP members only forum that the NEC KNEW NOTHING about the raid. So will Denny be disciplined for lying to members? Don't hold your breath!

And to make matters worse members of Farage's cabal are actually claiming that the NEC authorised the raid in order to recover UKIP stationary - including reels of sellotape!

We had no idea that UKIP was so hard up!

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