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Monday, 11 January 2010


At long last a UKIP MEP has had the courage of their convictions. At long last a UKIP MEP has stood up to Nigel Farage and his sycophants. At long last a UKIP MEP has struck a blow for decency and honesty.

Despite dire threats of retribution from Farage the MEP in question has now resigned from the EFD

The reasons include their disgust at the racism and extremism of the Lega Nord.

Junius can confirm that the NEC was informed earlier today. Lord Pearson was informed sometime ago.

The MEP in question can now expect the Farage/Croucher smear team to do their worst. Indeed, threats have already been made to leak stories about the MEP to the press.

But who could it be?

Bannerman? No. As long as he gets his money he doesn't care what Farage does in his name.

Agnew? No. The same as above. And too busy promoting GM crops on behalf of the NFU.

Trevor Colman? No. Lacks the courage at the moment. But who knows what he may yet do?

Nattrass? No. Too stupid.

Bloom? No. Would never do anything to upset Farage. He owes his career as an MEP to Nigel.

Andreasen? No. Too busy putting her snout in the trough to worry about integrity.

Nuttall? No. This wannabee Mussolini loves being associated with fascists!

Derek Clark? No. Too busy sleeping or looking for his pipe and slippers.

We can confirm that at least one other UKIP MEP is thinking of leaving the group. They may even leave the party.

And so Farage now reaps the whirlwind. His stranglehold on the party is coming to an end. His arrogance has been his undoing. His refusal to even consider another point of view has been his undoing. His dishonesty has been his undoing.

There is much more to come!

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Gregg said...

Only Nikki has the priciple and the guts.

Greg_L-W. said...


It sure seems that way and you will note already the corrupt Faragista Fan Club are trying to spin this but all they are achieving so far is a stupid grin and a position of anti homosexuality as they espouse reaching accommodations with racists, xenophobes, the anti Jewish and violence.

They look doubly stupid as most people know that Farage's nascent pan EU political party the EFD are pro EU and against withdrawal - how funny watching the monkey in silk trying to ride two horses going in different directions.

I guess it is true - a monkey in silk is a monkey no less regardless of how corrupt, self serving and venal they may be.

No wonder he uses so much of the money available for the party to hire ingrates and praise singers without morality or ethics.

Greg L-W.