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Monday, 4 January 2010

UKIP: The Rise of Lisa Duffy

Lisa Duffy is one of the most obnoxious people we have come across in EUKIP.

She is a person without a single shred of talent or integrity. A person who has actively colluded in corruption in order to ensure that both she and her partner - Peter Reeve - keep their snouts firmly in the trough.

Peter Reeve is UKIP's RO in the Eastern Region. His salary is in excess of £30,000 per year. But that is clearly not enough for this greedy twosome.

It appears that Ms Duffy's enthusiastic support of EUKIP corruption is now to be rewarded. She has been promised an extremely well paid job within the party. The salary will be at least £17,000 a year.

And what is her new job to be we hear you ask?

She will be working for the new Chairman and Leader. Her only role will be to do as she is told.

We can confirm that more than one UKIP MEP is rather unhappy with her promised promotion. And who can blame them for being unhappy?

Her only 'talent' is to stay in favour with the leadership and either support or turn a blind eye to corruption within UKIP. That's how she became 'head' of Young Independence after Del Young was removed from that position. See: LINK

But for people like her UKIP would have been cleaned up years ago. But that is why she is now facing promotion. Nigel ALWAYS supports his sycophants in their time of need!

But we have no doubt that some misguided fools out there will actually think that she is an asset to UKIP.

But look at what one disgruntled UKIPPER had to say about Duffy and YI on the British Democracy Forum:

youl get no defence from me, the chairman asked me about coming to a meeting in London and he never even replied to my questions about further details- coming from NI it would have been useful, sent emails about other less trivial things as well and still no emails from anyone in YI , cant even awnser a phone, they didnt even reply when I asked for information on how to get more involved in YI you'd think they would be keen on thisanyway lodged complaints with several party officials, I know im not the only one to have issues with YI, it needs ripped apart and restarted if you ask me

End of statement. Spelling and grammar as the original.

Consider these facts:

Duffy - also known as Scruffy Duffy - promised Farage hundreds of new YI members by the end of 2008. She failed to keep her promise. Over a year later and they still have less than a hundred members.

The YI five-a-side football matches also failed to materialise.

The YI newsletter - supposedly a regular publication- appears with as much frequency as Halley’s Comet.

The YI website was about as informative as listening to David Bannerman’s maiden speech as an MEP.

She ignores emails and requests for help from members.

Fact: Since the departure of Del Young YI has stagnated and is now simply waiting for someone with the courage to put it out of its misery.

Such is Duffy's legacy.

And not let us forget her role in spreading lies about Gregg Beaman.

This is what Mr Beaman had to say about her after he stood down as lead MEP candidate in the North West:

I then had Lisa Duffy emailing people claiming that I stood down because of a debilitating illness and because I had only expected to come third rather than first. More fibs from a member of the ruling clique.

One of life's ironies is that it was only in May 2008, at the North West Spring Conference in Morecambe, that Rachel Oxley and Lisa Duffy had complained to me that Annabelle Fuller had spent the Saturday evening texting Nigel Farage, quite suggestively and quite openly, about what she wanted to do with him when he came to the North West the following day.

Lacking the courage of their convictions they happily passed it on to me. But later Duffy was terrified that the Party Chairman was upset with her for 'spilling the beans' on the Leader.

And that was after them specifically asking me to pass on their concerns to the Party Chairman.

But Lisa Duffy was that way inclined. Before the last leadership election she had phoned me in a terrible panic after she had been contacted to consent to Farage's nomination but had already promised to consent to David Campbell Bannerman's candidacy. She didn't understand that democracy worked that way. She clearly lacks the courage of he convictions, if indeed she has any convictions. Don't fight for what you believe, just stay in with the right people seems to be her philosophy.


And don't forget how she enthusiastically supported the expulsion of David Abbott, Martin Haslam and Eric Edmond from UKIP's NEC.

Here is the email she sent to various members of the NEC just prior to Dr Edmond's unlawful expulsion from that body:


I have already said to Paul to allow him his moment. We all know how vile this man has behaved, but by allowing a small amount of time to hear him I believe it makes us look fair in the eyes of the Party members and once and for all a decision will be made in front of Mr E and hopefully prevent any further negativity at this crucial election time.

Lisa Duffy
National Co-ordinator
Young Independence
U.K.Independence Party.

End of Email

To view the original: LINK

And why was Dr Edmond branded vile?

Because he wanted UKIP to be open and democratic.

Because he committed the unforgivable sin of actually wanting to tackle the widespread corruption within the party.

Because he wanted to deal with complaints and not sweep them under the carpet.

It is not Dr Edmond who is vile. It is Lisa Duffy and her kind who best fit that particular description.


Greg_L-W. said...


The postings/comments on The Batten thread may well help if replicated on this thread, therefore I am reposting mine in sequence - I trust that helps.

I have intentionally not provided the material on my blog yet as it is an unfolding story which I will address by pulling together the additional material and Junius group's blo to widen the publicity - I have agreed this with the team.

Greg L-W.

Greg_L-W. said...


the utter ineptitude of EUkip - one need only consider the calibre of the CEO.

There is absolutely no one of stature, gravitas or competence in the entire leadership claque - hence the scrapings for the NEC the failure to publish the voting data for a new NEC, the undeniable ineptitude, in fact lack of leadership - abuse, bullying, bribery, shouting do not constitute leadership.

Of course I don't mean Pearson but in what way do you claim he is leader?

What a shambles - The 3 grown up parties are fully launched in their election campaign and EUkip has not even announced an election co-ordinator and it is so beset with some of the most vile people and vile allies in the EU as to merely bring shame on the EUroSceptic movement.

Well I guess it never was about patriotism and leaving the EU - it has ALWAYS been about Nigel Farage his self enrichment and rewarding those who promote and protect him! No wonder EUkip has been such an abject failure.

Greg L-W.
First posted under the Batten thread as Junius had not published re: Lisa Duffy & Peter Reeve at the time.

Greg_L-W. said...


is that why Duffy is mooted as CEO do you rekon?

Perhaps they don't even have a barrel to scrape any more and to go with the hapless and utterly incompetent Duffy (So has she recruited more members for EUkip Yoooof than she has bred! - does anyone ever get replies from her?)

I suppose that means EUkip will pay for a baby minder to free up Peter Reeve as election manager (well he has managed to at least decimate membership in the Eastern Region!).

That would leave the duplicitous and dishonest Malcolm Wood as the top toady to act as Chairman to ensure Farage's control over the NEC & Pearson who looks more pathetic as a leader day on day!

Let us hope Farage can come up with something ANYTHING which would be better!

He may even rescue Croucher from the sewers and give him a job controlling flatullence which seems the best emanating from EUkip these days.

We COULD find an election due on March 25 - I for one believe without even a manager in place EUkip will fall short for the election with some 500 Election Addresses to write, proof, print and distribute by the more probable 6th. May date!

I wonder if Croucher will be given the job of scrambling the spelling again as he did in the Independent comic with candidates' addresses!

6+ months since their election can ANYONE name a single achievement of a single EUkip MEP that has moved EUkip one inch closer to leaving the EU.

How many times has Batten turned up? in fact is Nattrass still on holiday?

Greg L-W.
Greg L-W.

4 January 2010 23:07

Greg_L-W. said...


a measure of how desparately short of people EUkip now are under the self serving mismanagement of Farage's leadership and the vile claque of neredo wells he has gathered around him as salaried praise singers has been:

Just consider:
After the 2004 election out of the 85 Constituencies in the South East (his own EU vehicle) there were some 77 active branches for UKIP.

There are now so many people of competence who have quit EUkip as it has slid into the gutter that there are only 34 or 35 branches left and I have no idea, nor much care, howmany are mere paper branches.

Go to UKIP.org and start going through the branches listed and you will realise fairly quickly there are more that are dead than are active!

We now find the loss of competent activists due to utterly inept self serving leadership and vile behaviour, largely in and around EUkip's Press Office (including the EU etc.) and those close to Farage, such that the activists of any value or calliber have quit for the sake of their personal reputations.

Thus EUkip is now largely made up of naive youngsters and the uninformed elderly and staffed by self seeking failures, cheats and liars.

To make money for Farage and his claque they have created a nascent Pan EU Political Party the EFD made up of some of the most revolting politicians since Mitterand, Eichman, Barbie and Goebbels - Racists, Xenophobes, anti Jewish extremists who both advocate and practice violence - they don't even want to leave the EU but merely to change it to suit their own ends!

Today there is a meeting of Regional Organisers and some other so called key members of EUkip - a measure of the of the incompetence of these people is they will be gathered to hear a talk from the new CEO on The Structure of EUkip!

Well we all know what a catastrophic failure this woman has been in The Eastern Region, what a complete failure she has been with EUkip Yoooof and what an imbecilic contributor to the NEC she has been.

You can just imagine how completely useless EUkip's key staff and Regional Organisers are if there is ANYTHING they can learn from the bellicose and aggressive piece of work Lisa Duffy!

How sad to see the party so comprehensively sabotaged by Farage when in fact he was so great an asst but without management he has shown to be the liability we knew he would be a dozen years ago - that he is so much a liar that he tries to rubbish my opinion by pretending he has never met me shows just what a sad and insecure little performing monkey he is for he is no leader just an underhand and duplicitous self seeker!

Just look at the damage he has done with cronies like Croucher, Wood, McGough, Towler, Denny and their sordid ilk.

Then consider not one of his MEPs is of sufficient calliber to denounce the revolting lack of morality and fascist style of his cronies in the EFD - with his team of nebishes and sock puppets trying desparately to convince people of his lies on the incestuous EUkip Forum!

How very very sad to see our Country so betrayed!

Greg L-W.

Junius said...

Pearson is of course leader in name only. Farage still calls all the shots.

We are not surprised that Duffy has been given a job. They have no one with any talent to do it. They got rid of them.