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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Nigel Farage: UKIP's very own Lord Haw Haw

Nigel Farage is desperately trying to keep his group in the European parliament, the EFD, together. The resignation from the group of Nikki Sinclaire, who gathers more and more support by the day, has thrown a spotlight on the murkier aspects of this group.

The vile racism and homophobia of the Italian delegation, Lega Nord, has been much discussed. Now, however, more details of their political agenda are coming to the surface.

Farage will tell us that being in a group gives more credibility to UKIP's position (which is rarely discussed in Brussels, especially not by Farage, who wants to carve out a career there). If this is the case, it must surely work both ways. Lega Nord will also be benefiting from membership of the EFD. So apart from beating up 12 year old boys because they are black, setting fire to immigrants property during "vigilante" raids, and calling for racial segregation on buses, what does Lega Nord stand for?

Fiorello Provera is one of Lega Nord's newly elected MEPs. Speaking in the European Parliament in October 2009, he proudly exclaimed his party's support for the Lisbon Treaty;

"The Lega Nord , the party I represent, voted for the Treaty in the Italian Parliament and I personally was the rapporteur."

Lega Nord not only supports the Lisbon Treaty, THEY MADE IT HAPPEN IN ITALY!

Nice one, Nigel. Your personal greed for money helped it happen. You would sell out your country's sovereignty for the enhanced salary and benefits of being co-president of a group in the parliament!

Nigel Farage makes Lord Haw Haw look like a patriot, and we all know what happened to that odious little traitor!

And as for the UKIP MEPs... they all know the situation, but in the run-up to a general election they are so scared that the Fuhrer might deselect them that they will turn a blind eye to this treason. Pathetic wimps. The only UKIP MEP with the guts to stand by her principles is Nikki Sinclaire.

There is now an EFD blog online: LINK

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