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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

UKIP slump in latest poll & More on the odious Paul Nuttall MEP

It just gets worse for UKIP!

UKIP are on a 2% projected national share of the vote according to an opinion poll in the Sunday Mirror.

Here are the voting intentions.

Conservative 38% (down 4%)
Labour 29%
Liberal Democrats 19%
Green 5%
BNP 3%
SNP 2%

So much for Farage and his claims that there has been a surge in support for UKIP since the Euro elections!

Actually, UKIP's support has plummeted since June. The Nikkigate affair has just made matters worse.

UKIP's membership is still FALLING. In the last few years they have lost over 10,000 members. UKIP now has more ex-members than members. So much for Farage's legacy!

Now you know why Farage and his clique were not keen to release the current membership figures.

And let us not forget the odious Paul Nuttall - UKIP's very own wannabee Mussolini -who actually thinks he is going to win a seat for UKIP at the next General Election.

Recently he told one of our contacts that he was 'confident' he could win Bootle!

What planet is Nuttall on? You have not got a chance my dishonest and corrupt friend!

In the North West UKIP is projected to get just 1% of the vote! Even the BNP are on 5%!

But if Nuttall wants to throw away thousands of pounds on his attempt to lose Bootle why should we complain?

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