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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Farage Sycophants 4 UKIP start spinning against Nikki

A nice piece of fiction from the Bloggers 4 UKIP team.

Just like the Sweeny

A clarification on the "raid" on Nikki Sinclaire MEP's office:

The NEC asked an officer of the party to remove UKIP equipment from the office of Nikki Sinclaire believing it was jointly occupied with Mike Nattrass MEP. The officer in question visited the office, spoke to a member of staff, confirmed that nothing belonging to UKIP was present and left. Nothing was removed from the office.

I don't think this will be making the front page of Private Eye any time soon.

Original: LINK

FACT: Material was removed by Derek Bennett.

Fact: Entry was gained after intimidating an employee.

FACT: Derek Bennett returned the material after failing to find any incriminating evidence.

FACT: He offered a full apology to Nikki for illegally removing her private property.

FACT: The NEC knew that her office was not jointly shared with Nattrass. And so did Bennett.

FACT: Bennett blamed Christopher Gill for ordering the raid.

FACT: Farage was behind it.

FACT: Bloggers 4 UKIP are lying.

FACT: Their spin failed to impress the following posters:

Bob Feal-martinez said...

So the first bit of spin

Anonymous said...


You believe this utter drivel why?

What earthly reason has a shared office got to do with it?

What UKIP equipment would an MEP have?

Why would you want it back?

If there was grounds to think that a breach of party rules had taken place I would have thought waiting for the outcome of the disciplinary hearing would have been more astute. There is one isn't there? You don't preach one thing but do another in private in UKIP do you? Or is it just a kangaroo court.

Laughingly you think this piece of total cock spin will keep you out of the papers.

UKIP will meltdown, you will get less than 2% in GE and Pearson and Farage plan to make you a tory EU pressure group will have succeeded.

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