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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

UKIP: Statement from Nikki Sinclaire

A brave and courageous woman.

Nigel Farage should hang his head in shame. When will Pearson take action against this despicable man?


Anonymous said...

Oh that won't happen. Already Farage has his Stormtroopers out banging on about her Bankruptcy etc. One member on a Ukip blog told me that ANYONE who disagrees with Pearson Farage shouldn't be a Ukip MEP. And tried to say that there were no racists in the EFD.. I nearly wet myself laughing.

Greg_L-W. said...


if Farage does not withdraw his imature weenie waggling and is not disciplined for bringing EUkip into disrepute on national TV again by telling lies and seeking to smear a UKIP MEP and IF Pearson fails to censure Farage in public and the treat of de-selection is left to stand -

May I suggest Nikki Sinclaire stands as a PPC against the speaker John Berkow in Buckinghamshire to make sure someone so duplicitous, underhand and untrustworthy does not win a seat in The HoC.

Good luck Nikki on your honourable and ethical stand for your principles.

Greg L-W.